Hunter Biden Ingested a Rather Exotic Item to Get Sober...For a Year

Posted: Apr 07, 2021 6:00 AM
Hunter Biden Ingested a Rather Exotic Item to Get Sober...For a Year

Source: AP Photo/Nick Wass

Hunter Biden is back in the news. He has a new book about his life. Of course, it deals with his lifelong struggle with drug and alcohol addiction and all the sordid details. You know you have a problem when you smoke parmesan cheese because you think it is crack cocaine. Yes, Hunter did that, among other things. There are graphic videos on the laptop that served as the basis of the 2020 October surprise that the media suffocated, but we cannot get into that. Go on Reddit or scour the Internet to find the clips. It was all on that device. Oh, and the laptop was Hunter’s; he pretty much admitted it. We all knew it, but we can hurl mud at the media, the ex-Obama officials, and the Democrats who thought this was a Russian disinformation operation. Wrong. Democrats are always wrong. 

But circling back to Hunter and his battle to get sober, he did ingest something rather exotic. It’s out there. How far out there? Former boxer Mike Tyson said it changed his life, and Tyson is as crazy as they come—but in a good way. It was the venom from poisonous frogs that allowed him to get sober…for a year. The death of his brother, Beau, led to him falling off the wagon, but for a man who smokes cheese—I guess this shouldn’t shock us (via Washington Examiner):

President Joe Biden’s son Hunter tried everything to wean himself off alcohol and crack — from yoga and therapy to psychoactive drugs and the anesthetic ketamine.

But in his new memoir, he credits the secretions of the Sonoran Desert toad with keeping him sober for a year.

He describes how he traveled to Mexico in 2014, as his marriage was unraveling, in a desperate attempt to get his life back in order, using drug treatments that were not legal in the United States.


…at a beach house, a nurse administered 5-MeO-DMT therapy using toad secretions, which are believed by its fans to ease depression, heal the scars of trauma, and cure addiction.

“It was a profound experience. It connected me in a vividly renewed way to everyone in my life, living or dead. Any division between me my Dad, my mommy, Caspy, or Beau vanished, or at least became irrelevant,” Biden writes in his book Beautiful Things, using a family nickname for his sister Naomi who died with his mother in 1972 after a car crash.

“It felt as though I was seeing all of existence at once – and as one,” he writes.

People who have used the drug compare its effects with that of a religious experience, leaving them feeling reborn.

Former world champion boxer Mike Tyson is among its fans. “It takes you to a place that takes you to another dimension,” he said on his podcast in 2019. “Ever since I did it, I’ve had a miraculous change about me.”

The craziness of this tale and his overall addiction battle is meant to be a diversion from the fact that he and his father, Joe, peddled a lucrative government access racket across multiple countries for years. Joe didn’t get any cash, but his family did. And you bet he was going to ask for his cut when he left public life. One deal that fell through, which was corroborated by former associate Tony Bobulinski, was with China though the Biden family was still paid millions for their time and the hope that maybe they can do business at some other point in the future. Bobulinski turned over all documents and devices regarding this arrangement to the FBI, who also interviewed him. Joe Biden was very much involved with this deal that was hashed out when he was still vice president. Bobulinski says the family is compromised by China, but the media would rather we ignore that fact and remain in a state of bliss—like when you ingest the venom from those poisonous frogs.