View Host: I Feel Like a 'Hostage' To All These Law-Abiding Gun Owners

Posted: Mar 25, 2021 3:45 PM
View Host: I Feel Like a 'Hostage' To All These Law-Abiding Gun Owners

Source: Lou Rocco/ABC via AP

It’s The View. This isn’t a shocker, but it’s still fun to point and laugh when liberals make their idiotic remarks about the Second Amendment and gun rights. Right now, liberal America is revving up the gun control machine. They’re lusting for another go at curbing American civil rights, and they’re doing it after a tragic mass shooting in Boulder, Colorado. A 21-year-old Syrian refugee Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa was arrested for the shootings, though liberal America blamed white guys again. That narrative quickly blew up. Colorado has universal background checks, which Alissa passed. Almost every aspect of the Left’s anti-gun narrative simply collapses with this shooting, so we have tantrums or just abject idiocy over gun rights. 

The View co-host Sunny Hostin had quite an analysis, saying she feels like a hostage living among law-abiding Americans (via The Blaze):

Sunny Hostin, co-host on "The View," said that she feels like a "hostage" to Americans who own "assault rifles" and argued that gun control is the only way to stop mass killings like the one that took place at a Boulder, Colorado, grocery store Monday.

During Tuesday's broadcast, Hostin said that people who insist on owning such weapons are not patriots and demanded extreme gun reform measures.

"I don't think we can any longer equate freedom with the unfettered right to own assault rifles," Hostin said. "That is not freedom. Because I feel like a hostage right now. I feel like a hostage to the selfish people who insist on owning these types of weapons. That is not freedom in the country."

She turned to those Americans holding her "hostage" and added, "You are not a patriot because you feel you have the right to own these types of weapons. You should be taking care of your fellow Americans."

They can’t win. They know they can’t win. They have to cheat and engage in illegal power grabs on the Hill. They just demonize people who simply won’t kowtow to their authoritarian ethos. If you can’t convince them, bash them. And to say you feel like a hostage among the tens of millions of law-abiding gun owners in America is simply too stupid to really get too angry about. 

‘American gun owners are not patriots.’ 

‘I’m scared.’

We’ve all heard this before—and these people are just going to have to deal with it. 

This is The View in all its glory. 

Also, this isn’t the first time Hostin has said something moronic