Of Course, NBC's Chuck Todd Went With the Most Predictable Angle Regarding Biden's Border Crisis

Posted: Mar 16, 2021 6:20 PM
Of Course, NBC's Chuck Todd Went With the Most Predictable Angle Regarding Biden's Border Crisis

Source: AP Photo/Charles Dharapak

Yes, of course, the liberal media went this route. It’s utterly predictable. It’s like clockwork. We can predict what these folks will hash out; we know the playbook. I mean, they're sort of forced to do this because they must defend the Biden White House, which is grappling with an emerging issue at the southern border. Illegal aliens are pouring into the country. Four were arrested after their names matched those on the FBI’s terror watchlist. The concentration camps are overflowing. These illegals are being released after testing positive for COVID. Literally, everything that liberal media and the Democrats accused the Trump administration of being guilty of but wasn’t, they’re doing but worse. There’s no room to maneuver. The telling sign was when White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki tried to blame the Trump administration for the current border crisis. No, you all but signaled that the floodgates were open, Jen.

NBC’s Chuck Todd tried to blame Republicans for sabotaging our immigration policy, saying they were seizing on the crisis. Yeah, we’re back to the "conservatives/Republicans pounce" angle go-to here (via Newsbusters):

In a desperate attempt to deflect blame for the serious illegal immigration crisis at the U.S. southern border away from President Biden, MSNBC’s MTP Daily host Chuck Todd tried to argue that Republicans had “sabotaged our immigration policy.” Refusing to hold the Democratic administration accountable for the disaster, Todd later claimed the GOP was “rooting for a problem so they can walk away from it.”

Leading off the show, Todd fretted: “The humanitarian emergency is quickly becoming a political emergency, just as the White House hopes to take a victory lap on COVID relief.” Moments later, he complained that Republicans were “seizing on” the issue


Wanting to “dive into politics of this current moment,” Todd wailed: “...Republicans try to keep focus on a border emergency. In some ways they’ve sabotaged our immigration policy and this is why we’re here...” Despite Biden actually being in the White House, Todd singled out a top Trump aide for blame instead: “...look, this is an impossible situation in some ways, because in many ways, the asylum process was essentially destroyed by Stephen Miller, they sort of blew it up, and so it is an extra mess.”

Todd lamented that “it’s hard to look at Republicans in Congress and see that they’re willing to – that they want to solve this problem.” After briefly acknowledging that he has “watched both parties at times, duck a potential compromise because they think the politics will help them,” Todd targeted the GOP once again: “This is what it looks like now with Republicans, that they’re almost rooting for a problem so they can walk away from it.”

In February, more than 100,000 illegal aliens were detained at the border. The camps are overflowing. And this administration really hasn’t said that the border is closed. They may say that for their allies in the press who lap it up, but there must be teeth to that declaration, and so far, the Democrats, Biden, and his administration are AWOL. It’s intentional. They don’t see a humanitarian crisis or a national security issue. They see hordes of new Democratic voters — and that’s the sick part about this whole fiasco.