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What a Flight Crew Allegedly Said When Booting a Hasidic Couple from an Airplane Supposedly over a Mask

Cheng Min/Xinhua via AP

Well, this is certainly disturbing if true—but the airline is disputing the claim. A Hasidic couple was removed from a Frontier Airline flight that was set to leave Miami for LaGuardia. The reason: their 18-month-old wasn’t wearing a mask. That’s at least what Orthodox Jewish Public Affairs Council alleges. OJPAC is an anti-defamation organization for Orthodox Jews and they had a lengthy Twitter thread about the incident in which Frontier staff acted unprofessionally and possibly uttered anti-Semitic remarks.


“A job well done to those Jews,” allegedly said a member of the flight staff. OJPAC says once the family with the infant were ordered off, the in-laws and other family members started to leave as well, prompting the whole flight to de-plane.  

Frontier says that the incident occurred because multiple people on the flight refused to wear masks and didn’t comply with FAA regulations on mask-wearing. You’ll be the judge.


On a side note, this is getting ridiculous. Even children two years of age or older shouldn’t be wearing masks. Children are the safest age cohort in this pandemic, as they really don’t get it or spread it. Even Joe Biden said that, the man who says trust the science with COVID unless it relates to reopening schools. There have been instances where two-year-olds have been ejected from flights over masks. It’s nonsense. If anything, it’s the old people who should be grounded for the time being, as they’re the ones most susceptible to contracting and dying from COVID. 


But let’s say this thing started because a baby wasn’t wearing a mask because of the 'mask mob,' then it’s just another instance of us going off the rails from this pandemic. 

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