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Kevin P. Coughlin/ Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo via AP

If Andrew Cuomo were a whale, we got him harpooned—many times. Even Democrats are starting to stick him after his staff revealed they cooked the books on the real COVID death toll. The state attorney general’s office noted that Cuomo undercounted COVID nursing home deaths but as much as 50 percent. It’s full-blown crisis mode since the admission from Cuomo’s top aide really didn’t come with an apology to the thousands of families the governor pretty much killed with his order forcing nursing homes to accept COVID-positive patients. Now, his aides are stacking sandbags around the governor’s mansion after sexual harassment and intimidation allegations come pouring in from all sides.


We have forcible kissing, questions about being intimate with older men, strip poker demands, and his years-long crusade of thuggery against the press. Oh, sorry—even members of his own party. State Assemblyman Ron Kim said the governor threatened to destroy him after he slammed his incompetence in the press. Kim kept the receipts. Hiding the official death toll from federal authorities could bring an investigation from the Department of Justice. It should actually. And there will certainly be probes at the state level. Article of impeachment has been discussed. Will it happen? We’ll see. This is deep blue New York, where the 'all talk, no action’ act is a hallmark characteristic of this state’s political dynamics, along with corruption.

Yet, for one former investigative reporter, the dam breaking on all of this was simply too much. The harassment she was subjected to from Cuomo’s goons caused her to flee her job, though she’s glad this creep is being exposed for the piece of trash that he is (via Fox News):

Lindsay Nielsen was a local investigative journalist in New York who says she was intimidated, bullied and personally attacked by Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration but is hopeful that her story will stop the Democratic governor from using the same tactics on anyone else.

Nielsen, a former News10 investigative reporter, told Fox News she broke down in tears while waiting for her morning Starbucks order last week when she read similar claims by journalist Morgan Pehme, who recently detailed threats he received from a Cuomo aide.

"I just started crying," Nielsen told Fox News on Monday morning. "I was sitting in my car and was like bawling my eyes out. I was just overwhelmed because I had very similar experiences and it all just kind of came flooding back to me."

"I don’t want this behavior to happen to any other reporter," Nielsen said. "That gave me the courage to have the confidence. I knew it was wrong, back then, the behavior, but when you’re in those types of situation you often don’t really realize the impact until later on."

Pehme’s comments encouraged Nielsen to come forward, which she did with a statement on Sunday.

"'You have a vendetta against him don't you!' That was the last time I allowed someone connected to Governor Andrew Cuomo's administration to harass and manipulate me," Nielsen wrote in a statement. "It was during one of the many accusatory and threatening phone calls I received by his staff members that I realized this behavior was never going to stop. It was shortly thereafter that I decided to leave my job at News10."

Nielsen left the Albany-based News10 in 2017 as an investigative reporter after joining the network back in 2012. She told Fox News that "one of the reasons" she left was because of abusive conduct from the Cuomo administration.


Nielsen later detailed how this administration put her through the wringer, refusing to speak with her for stories, then when the stories aired issuing a barrage of threats. Exclusives promised to her turned out to be nothing burgers. 

As the campaign of abuse is further exposed, Nielsen said that Cuomo had the power to nuke local stories he didn’t like and wouldn’t be shocked if he deployed similar tactics at the national level. 

“I saw it happen. I wouldn’t misjudge the power of the intimidation and the tactics," she said.

Pehme recounted his terrifying ordeal with Cuomo’s button men when he was editor of the City & State and got subjected to intimidation by the governor’s aides because they didn’t like a report the publication was doing on corruption in 2014.

Will Cuomo resign? He should. He’s a disgrace to New York, his family, and has embarrassed every braindead liberal who thought this guy was the second coming of Christ in the COVID era. Granted, liberals looking like idiots is not a hard task. Yet, more importantly, the man was at the head of a cover-up regarding the real COVID death toll to make himself look better. The line is that they feared a DOJ probe. The irony is that these actions now warrant one. Even more disturbing is that his aides apologized to state Democrats for creating a politically inconvenient situation for them, forget the families of the victims. Cuomo’s people might be psychopaths and if this behavior was happening for years, who knows how many political skeletons are buried in and around the governor’s mansion. 


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