Why Gavin Newsom's Recent Presser Was the Seat of Irony

Posted: Feb 25, 2021 9:00 PM
Why Gavin Newsom's Recent Presser Was the Seat of Irony

Source: AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes

California Gov. Gavin Newsom is probably going to be facing a recall effort. The ghost of Gray Davis is back. It’s not hard to see why this is happening. The state has been a colossal mess, especially when it comes to handling the coronavirus. The state has enacted some of the most draconian COVID protocols on the books, and it’s still a disaster. Over the holidays, California saw nearly a million cases in six weeks. If it weren’t for the Golden State, we’d actually have seen cases go down around Christmas time. In the meantime, businesses are shuttered. Livelihoods are being torched, and the location of the governor’s recent presser is something you simply cannot make up.

It was in a restaurant that’s closed thanks to his edict. I mean, you can’t make this up. He holds a presser in the shell of a business he probably destroyed or is in the process of destroying. That has to be maddening to any Californian who is desperately trying to get back to work. It serves as a reminder of how Democrats govern. On top of this, national Democrats are pushing a minimum wage hike, which will certainly kill any chance of the jobs lost in this sector from coming back. Those who have clung to dear life will surely see their hours cut and may see themselves let go as businesses look to trim overhead. It’s an economic catastrophe.

While Newsom reportedly worked well with the Trump administration regarding obtaining supplies despite him hating everything the now-former president stood for, the bumbling over COVID appears to have reached a breaking point. We know the science of this now. Bars, restaurants, gyms, hair salons, and barbershops are not the main sources of spread. In fact, they’re the safest areas you can be during this time. In New York, all of these places contributed to less than two percent of COVID spread.

The end for Newsom will be traced to his outing to Napa Valley when he issued his first shutdown. The French Laundry dinner was with friends and members of the medical community. There were no masks, no social distancing either. It displayed how the political class feels about the rest of us. We have to remain locked in our homes, but these clowns can gallivant at will.

The recall effort will probably be successful. It has already surpassed 1.8 million signatures. Yet, things could be worse. 

Newsom isn’t facing potential charges, a federal investigation, and possible impeachment by the state legislature for intentionally hiding his state's COVID death count. That’s New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s pickle right now, a total public relations meltdown. Not only that, but Cuomo's also been slapped with another allegation of sexual harassment. He has also intimidated state lawmakers who have criticized his handling of this COVID crisis.

Reporters are now telling how Cuomo’s staff of goons terrorized them. And this is the guy who was hoisted up as a beacon of leadership and transparency during this crisis. He won an Emmy for his pressers. He wrote a book. This was all done to get a White House run going. That’s not going to happen, or at least it shouldn’t happen, when you undercount the real death toll in nursing homes by 50 percent because an order you personally signed forced these facilities to accept COVID-positive patients, which led to massive amounts of death. That’s not Newsom, but California and New York, the two states that make up the core of liberal America, have two governors who have been outright idiots in handling COVID. One is facing legal ramifications for a cover-up, while the other should prepare for a recall effort due to his incompetence. Maybe that’s why Gavin's rushing to reopen the schools, huh?