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We Have Another School Board Hot Mic Fiasco. Want to Guess What Was Said? Hint: It's Full-Blown Woke.

It happened again. Granted, this example has a dash more of woke salt in it, but it’s still another school board that’s about to deal with a mic fiasco. It’s also a boomer moment as these clowns didn’t know that their video call was being broadcast publicly. Chardá Bell-Fontenot, the vice president of the La Mesa-Spring Valley School Board outside of San Diego, said that reopening schools was akin to slavery and an exercise in white supremacy. The Daily Caller’s Jorge Ventura has the clips and notes that Ms. Bell-Fontenot seems unaware that everything she is saying could be viewed by the general public. 


This isn’t the first time. As we noted last week, the school board in Oakley, which is in the San Francisco Bay Area, suffered a public relations nightmare of its own when a meeting showing members mocking parents and discussing commenting systems that muzzle debate was discussed publicly. Like La Mesa, these board members didn’t know until it was too late. An audible “uh oh” is heard when someone on the board noted that their entire meeting was able to be viewed by everyone. It led to mass resignations as there was no coming back from this—ever. 


Back to La Mesa-Springs, another board member notes that reopening schools is supported by 70-80 percent of families. That position appears to have won enough support as the board voted to start in-person learning at La-Mesa in April (via NBC San Diego):

 More and more schools in San Diego County are slowly expected to reopen soon after nearly a year of closures due to the pandemic and the latest districts to update their plans are Encinitas Union School District (EUSD) and La Mesa-Spring Valley School District (LMSVSD).

In a letter to parents sent on Tuesday, Encinitas Union announced K-6 grade students will have will expand from two days of in-person learning per week to five starting April 12, just after students’ spring break. Those students’ in-person schedule will be 8 a.m. to 12:45 p.m., Monday through Friday.


Also on Tuesday, LMSVSD’s school board members voted 4-1 in approval of Superintendent David Feliciano’s push to reopen the district’s classrooms.

Citing new California Department of Public Health guidelines that state preschool to 6th grade students can return to school if their respective counties’ case rates fall below 25 for five straight days, the superintendent urged the board to approve the district’s reopening plan.


Looks like there are a lot of white supremacists in…deep-blue California 

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