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AP Photo/Ron Harris

Oh, they hate him. You know this. It’s been visible for quite some time. Fox News’ Tucker Carlson is the source of ire for left-wing America because he calls them out for all of their nonsense. Actually, it goes beyond that; he obliterates their narratives. What took days, weeks, maybe even months to take hold among liberal circles, Tucker demolishes in mere minutes. It’s truly a beautiful thing to watch. Last night, he surely caused liberal heads to explode when he ripped apart the Democrat-media complex for being hubs of misinformation. Oh, the irony.


Recently, Democrats sent a letter to cable providers and big tech companies imploring them to pretty much remove all or most conservative media outlets since we apparently peddle such misinformation. Of course, you all know this is a nakedly political attempt at censorship, but let’s play this game. Who’s really lying? Tucker zeroed in on a favorite of liberal media commentaries: officer-involved shootings of unarmed black Americans. According to a study by Skeptic Research Center, some 44 percent of self-identified liberals think over 1,000 unarmed black Americans were shot and killed by police last year. Not true. It was 27. Black Americans are also not the majority of those killed by police overall as well, though the folks at CNN and within the Black Lives Matter movement would have us think that law enforcement is engaging in some covert genocidal campaign against communities of color. 


Also, how many times did the liberal media tell us that Jacob Blake was unarmed when he was shot by police during a domestic violence dispute in Kenosha? Many. And it wasn’t true. It did lead to unrest and rioting, however. 

Tucker’s segment delivered a brutal uppercut to CNN, who is probably one of the worst offenders out there regarding reporting on…everything now. Q’Anon is a favorite target for why conservatives are suddenly going nuts. We’re not, but we’re always portrayed as the unhinged masses because the Left simply despises us. No, the supposed influence of Q’Anon has been and will always be over-exaggerated, which Tucker makes a special note of because CNN has inflicted more damage to the country with their drivel than anything this conspiracy theory ever could. 

When it’s not ranting about Q’Anon, the liberal media establishment becomes lecturers about race. The Fox News host noted one person who tracked how many times the word “racism” seeped its way into the lexicon of the mainstream press. It shot off like a rocket ship around 2011 when Occupy Wall Street has its brief burst of artificial glory. This quickly morphed into we’re all racist, there’s nothing we can do about it, whilst ignoring the many questions voters had about the system that’s led to the current populist surge in America on both sides (via Fox News):


We at "Tucker Carlson Tonight" have watched with growing amusement as our media gatekeepers thrash about in a frenzy of foaming hysteria at the possibility that someone, somewhere might dare to present facts or form opinions without their express written permission. Freelance thinking is what they hate most, because it's a threat to their monopoly. They can't say that out loud, so instead they call it "disinformation."


Is it QAnon? Marjorie Taylor Greene's Twitter feed? The Kremlin? The Proud Boys? Alex Jones? 

The answer is none of the above. The answer is cable news and politicians talking on TV. They're the ones spreading disinformation to Americans.


When people are starting to talk about what Wall Street actually does in public, all at once journalists agree that the real problem with America is racism. America is not a place with a screwed-up economic system that rewards a tiny number of emotionally damaged grifters who possess otherwise useless skills applicable only to finance while everyone else gets poorer. That's not a problem. No, America is instead a place where the rest of us must hate each other at all times because of our skin colors, which, by the way, cannot be changed.

That way, once we're all yelling and aggrieved and angry about irresolvable race questions, once we've picked the wound until it won't stop bleeding, we won't have the time to ask even the most basic questions about economics -- questions like "Why are all these billionaire hedge fund guys paying half the tax rate I am? Who precisely is getting rich from the Federal Reserve? Where's all that money going?"

You don't see a ton of stories about those questions in The New York Times. They're too busy talking about race.


…it takes a sophisticated operator to take the central problem of American life, the agonizing death of our middle class, and cover it up with a smokescreen of manufactured race hatred. You'd really need to be, as CNN would put it, a "disinformation network" to pull that off. 

The irony, because everything is irony, is that CNN itself has become a disinformation network far more powerful than QAnon, and far more destructive.


This was a line-by-line takedown of the liberal media establishment. They hate it and we should welcome it. These folks, like Congress, have not done their jobs in a long time—and it shows. 

My Lord, what being ‘taken to the woodshed’ moment this was, huh? It’s classic Tucker though. 

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