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The Latest Attack Against Tom Brady by the Woke Left Is Something You Just Can't Make Up

AP Photo/Ashley Landis

I mean, maybe it’s now believable since the woke Left can and will manufacture the most insane attacks against those with whom they disagree. And it’s no shock that they decided to attack the greatest quarterback of all-time—Tom Brady. It’s a new era, folks. Wokeness has engulfed professional sports. Some people have decided to walk away. I cannot. I love football too much and I can easily tune it out. It’s annoying, but I just shrug. Yet, what did catch my attention was this hilarious attack against Brady regarding his seventh Super Bowl win. Want to take a guess what it was? If you thought he was slammed for being racist, you’d be correct. 


Matt Margolis at our sister site PJ Media was on it first. Tom Brady is racist because he won Super Bowl 55 during Black History Month. I’m not kidding. Some folks actually thought this and even worse—they decided to post it on social media. Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers played and defeated the Kansas City Chiefs who are quarterbacked by Patrick Mahomes, who is black:

Many watched Tom Brady lead the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Super Bowl victory over the Kansas City Chiefs. The game marked the franchise’s second Super Bowl victory and Tom Brady’s seventh. Brady’s epic accomplishment has earned him the title of the greatest quarterback of all time, but many on Twitter appeared to have been triggered by Brady’s victory.

Brady is no stranger to criticism, of course. Last week, Nancy Armour attacked him in USA Today for not only being white, but for his apparent support for Donald Trump. Now, Twitter users are calling his victory over Patrick Mahomes “racist” … because it happened during Black History Month.


Yeah, that relationship with Trump has earned him the ire from the Left, but no one really seems to care, except for woke sportswriters. I mean, in deep blue Massachusetts, they may not like Trump or Brady’s friendship with him, but Patriots fans have apparently overlooked this because they’re not as mentally ill as the liberal media. The man brought them six Super Bowl championships and made the New England Patriots a perennial playoff team. He can be friends with whoever he wants. He’s king. His legacy, his contribution to the game, and his records have made Brady unkillable when it comes to these woke smears. 

Yet, there’s also a part of me that thinks that maybe a lot of people were joking about this since it’s truly so far out there to be believable. Some have admitted to joking about this, but I’m sure there are a few who actually think this way. We’ve seen major idiocy from the Left in the past four years so don’t discount anything. 


In the meantime, Brady has won his seventh ring. Do I hate him as some other sports fans do? No. I don’t. 

We already beat Tom Brady twice with a hall of fame quarterback of our own: Eli Manning.

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