What Fauci Just Said About Double-Masking Is Why Everyone Is Through with the COVID Guidelines

Posted: Feb 01, 2021 8:45 PM
What Fauci Just Said About Double-Masking Is Why Everyone Is Through with the COVID Guidelines

Source: Erin Scott/Pool via AP

The medical experts want us to do something extra before we venture outside now to curb the spread of coronavirus. They want us to wear two masks. The circle of masking has been a train wreck. We’ve gone from don’t or stop wearing masks, to wear masks, to wear masks but if you don’t have them wrap a t-shirt around your face, and now we’re not wearing enough masking or something. Double up is the new motto from this class of bureaucrats. Lives have been destroyed. Jobs have been demolished. People don’t care about masks. 

What’s funny is that last November The New York Times published a story about a massive study Denmark did regarding mask-wearing. The results were not favorable to the COVID-panic peddling liberal media:

From early April to early June, researchers at the University of Copenhagen recruited 6,024 participants who had been tested beforehand to be sure they were not infected with the coronavirus.

Half were given surgical masks and told to wear them when leaving their homes; the others were told not to wear masks in public.

At that time, 2 percent of the Danish population was infected — a rate lower than that in many places in the United States and Europe today. Social distancing and frequent hand-washing were common, but masks were not.

About 4,860 participants completed the study. The researchers had hoped that masks would cut the infection rate by half among wearers. Instead, 42 people in the mask group, or 1.8 percent, got infected, compared with 53 in the unmasked group, or 2.1 percent. The difference was not statistically significant.

Alas, the headline to this piece: “A New Study Questions Whether Masks Protect Wearers. You Need to Wear Them Anyway.”

No, if the studies show this is garbage, then there should be a review. In fact, we got one with tragic results. After Thanksgiving, COVID cases in the US would have dropped if it weren’t for California which saw someone million cases in six weeks during Christmas time. The Golden State has some of the most draconian COVID measures and a near-universal mask compliance rate. COVID ravaged the state. The only thing the experts have been right about is schools. It was safe to re-open months ago. The pediatric consensus was quite unanimous on that, but teachers’ unions decided to play politics. In Fairfax County, Virginia, the teachers here jumped the line, got vaccinated, and are still refusing to go to work. They’re lazy. And if you want to know why their support for pay raises is always met with eye rolls—here’s your answer. 

But with double masking now dominating the prevention narrative, Dr. Anthony Fauci appears to have sliced it in half, saying the reason the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have not made this an official recommendation is that—get this—the data doesn’t support it. You simply cannot make this up—but the good doctor also said that double masking makes sense. So, what is it, fellas? 

Again, it only reinforces the narrative that most of the COVID protocols, especially in blue states, were power grabs. Also, the data on lockdowns is another narrative that’s been chopped up beyond recognition. 

In New York, household spread was responsible for nearly three-fourths of COVID cases between September and the end of November of 2020. Bars and restaurants account for 1.4 percent of COVID spread. Gyms, hair salons, and barbershops—all are responsible for less than one percent of new cases. 

Keeping us inside is what’s killing us.


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