New Details about Black Man Who Says He Lost His Job Thanks to Biden's Executive Order Spree

Posted: Jan 30, 2021 5:00 AM
New Details about Black Man Who Says He Lost His Job Thanks to Biden's Executive Order Spree

Source: AP Photo/Evan Vucci


It has been something to watch the Biden White House rule by executive decree up to this point. We’re less than two weeks into his administration and the man has doled out more executive orders in the first eight days than the last five presidencies combined. He’s done over 40 in eight days. Regarding the cessation of the Keystone pipeline and the border wall, he’s gutted thousands of jobs right there. His climate change agenda will do more harm to jobs in the natural gas sector as well. Remember when he said Biden and Kamala said they wouldn’t ban fracking but were caught on tape saying that they would but for some odd reason people still voted for these clowns—well, here’s your answer. They’re going to do it. they have to—the environmental Left is the one group of folks that you have to pay back in full if you’re a Democrat. 

Our friends at Twitchy picked up on a video showing one black man who says he lost his job with the stroke of Biden’s pen. He said he just bought a new car that he’ll probably have to sell because he can no longer foresee himself being able to make the payments. He worried about not being able to pay the mortgage. That’s his message to Biden for what his agenda has done to his life. He's nuked it. 

“America last,” he shouts. He also goes on about how the presidency was taken from Donald Trump.


Now, it seems this is not a genuine video, as this person says he was told by friends to do a video from the pipeline worker perspective it would seem, but the narrative is one that will hit rural America hard. Julio wrote about it from the perspective of border wall workers this week:

The immediate effects of Biden's executive order were the loss of jobs for the crew, similar to the workers on the Keystone Pipeline who were affected by a different Biden executive order.

"My plans? Go find something up north up by the union or something," the driver said.

I asked how everyone else on his crew, about 20 people, felt about the cancelation of their project.

"F*cked, to be honest with you," he replied. "A lot of these guys, they don't have nothing" because this was the only prospect that was employing them during these rough economic times.  "A lot of people don't know what else they're going to do."

"If you want my personal opinion, [the wall] was actually a good thing. You talk to a lot of locals in town and everything" and they were appreciative of what we were doing, the driver added, "We feel like our country really don't give a sh*t about us."

This is only the start of the economic pain that's set to impact scores of American families under this president. The natural gas sector was a prime source of good-paying jobs for rural Americans. The coal industry is another great source of income for these folks; whole communities are built around it. And now, with Democrats in charge, the regional economic genocide is about to begin. John Kerry, Biden’s climate clown, recently remarked that these people who’ve lost their coal jobs could simply go and make solar panels. These people are in a bubble, that’s contained in a larger bubble that’s under an iron dome protective covering.  

For the state of Pennsylvania especially, I don’t know why voters here thought the Biden-Harris’ talk of killing fracking was just campaign talk. It’s a prime target for the progressive Left who needed to turn out and win this last election. That’s a huge obligation that, again, must be met immediately and paid in full—no payment plan here. On anything climate-related or relating to natural gas development, expect the Biden White House to always make a job-killing decision. They have to if they want to have another term in office.