Axios: Biden Is No 'Smooth Moderate'...He's a Total Liberal. No Kidding, Fellas.

Posted: Jan 22, 2021 5:15 PM
Axios: Biden Is No 'Smooth Moderate'...He's a Total Liberal. No Kidding, Fellas.

Source: AP Photo/Evan Vucci

I mean, who was shocked by this revelation? Truly. Joe Biden said one thing but is doing another. It’s a hallmark of politics. It goes for both sides. We all knew this man would be a lefty. He ran as one. He said he was going to kill fracking and the natural gas industry. He denied it on the campaign trail despite both him and Kamala being caught on tape outlining very clearly what is the end of this industry. For some reason, voters didn’t want to listen or thought it wasn’t going to happen. You reap what you sow. Biden is old and frail and is not in any condition to be making decisions independent of the hyper-left-wing apparatus surrounding him that is the Democratic Party. He won the 2020 election. He has to give these progressives something. Without them, he loses. Period. So, there will be radical appointees to certain posts. There will be the talk of raising taxes, the minimum wage, and other job-killing initiatives. Axios noted that the “smooth moderate” coating is starting to peel, which, again, should shock no one (via Axios):

President Biden talks like a soothing centrist. He promises to govern like a soothing centrist. But early moves show that he is keeping his promise to advance a liberal agenda.

…Never before has a president done more by executive fiat in such a short period of time than Biden. And those specific actions, coupled with a push for a more progressive slate of regulators and advisers, look more like the Biden of the Democratic primary than the unity-and-restraint Biden of the general election.


…a Wall Street Journal report that Biden is set to name former Obama Treasury official Michael Barr as Comptroller of the Currency, the major regulator of big banks, looks like the continuation of a more progressive trend.

On immigration, a coalition of 200 U.S. mayors challenged the new administration to adopt a highly progressive agenda — one that would give everyone a pathway to citizenship — only to find their announcement upstaged by Biden's pledge that he would try to enact nearly all the reforms they are pressing for.

The publication added, “The party's center has been shifting left for years, and Biden arguably just moved with it.”

A lot of economic pain is on the docket for a host of communities. Those who suffered under Obama’s war on rural America are bound to have some déjà vu. There were definitely some Republicans who voted for Biden in 2020. The question is why. Why? The man literally is diametrically opposed to everything you supposedly support regarding your party affiliation. The same could be asked of the so-called Republicans for Hillary folks in 2016.

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