Mayhem: Trump Supporters Storm Capitol Hill, Clash with Police

Posted: Jan 06, 2021 1:23 PM
Mayhem: Trump Supporters Storm Capitol Hill, Clash with Police

Source: AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

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Trump supporters have breached the Capitol and are outside the Senate chamber. Both chambers of Congress have recessed and are taking the proper security precautions.

Trump responds:

Reports of an armed standoff outside the House chamber. Tear gas has been deployed in the rotunda. 

Shots fired inside the Capitol. Someone has been shot. Police have reportedly taken back the Senate side. 

The woman who was shot inside the Capitol has died.

***Original Post***

As Congress debates the 2020 Electoral College vote, legions of Trump supporters descended into the nation’s capital for the Save America rally, which was addressed by President Trump. Now, they’re marching on Capitol Hill—and pandemonium has broken out. Capitol Police are besieged and overwhelmed. The Madison building has been evacuated. Elijah Schaffer of the Blaze captured one melee. This is an increasingly dangerous situation. 

Right now, the Senate and House are debating for up to two hours the Electoral College results of Arizona after an objection was lobbed by congressional Republicans. We can expect this to happen at least three times today. 

Our own Julio Rosas is on the ground as well, capturing Trump supporters rushing the Hill.

Outside, however, it’s devolving into a straight-up fight club. 

UPDATE: Multiple congressional offices either evacuated or issued shelter-in-place orders. Reports of a suspicious package also coming in right now.

UPDATE II: Julio Rosas is in the thick of it. Flashbangs deployed by police. US Capitol is on lockdown.