Is CNN's White House Crew Serious With That Tweet About Trump's Presser?

Posted: Nov 28, 2020 6:15 PM
Is CNN's White House Crew Serious With That Tweet About Trump's Presser?

Source: AP Photo/Ron Harris

If this is any indication of what is to come from CNN and others, just have soke Advil handy, maybe some alcohol. Members of the liberal media have taken some sick pride in thinking a) they’re special, b) they’re just like first responders, and c) they’re part of the resistance. The truth is they’re all trash. A reporter is not like a firefighter. It’s a business that anyone could do. And no, you’re not some revolutionary because you wrote an article slamming President Trump. It only makes you an a-hole. 

President Trump held a presser this week where he reiterated that the 2020 election was a fraud and appears to be willing to fight this to the bitter end. Trump did say he is willing to concede if the Electoral College certifies Joe Biden the winner, albeit not without saying that they made a mistake. Allegations of voter fraud remain out there. In Nevada, the Trump campaign will be allowed to present its evidence concerning voter irregularities on December 3. In a separate legal challenge, Sidney Powell alleges that thousands of voters in key states weren’t even residents of those states. 

Trump legal adviser Harmeet Dhillon read the lawsuit and said maybe there should be more of a focus on “the complaint at paragraph 121: That thousands of specific, identifiable voters, cast ballots after they moved out of state as evidenced in their registration in a national database, and may even have cast votes in their new states also which can easily be checked against the other state’s records.”

There was a lot of funny business. We know that, but so far, proving it to the point where ballots are tossed hasn’t been successful. Next month might be different, but Joe Biden remains on the high ground for now. He’s making his picks for cabinet positions. And CNN must be loving it. It’s not about the country. It’s about them, which is encapsulated in this tweet: “The crew that got President Trump to answer his first questions in over three weeks. Proud to be part of it. Happy Thanksgiving.”

I mean, seriously? Joe Biden has been in the bunker for months. He’s avoided questions about his son’s shady dealings that he was involved with, and when he is asked question, it couldn’t be any more of a cream puff interaction. No tough questions. None. Again, it’s not shocking, but again, this notion that these types are somehow stalwarts of freedom and free speech is utterly laughable. CNN and MSNBC are no better than the DNC. They bury stories that aren’t favorable to Biden. We all know this. And when they do—it’s grade-A fluff. I mean, the top story about Biden right now is whether they’re going to buy a cat. 

You all know the game, folks. And when the harder they try to bury and censor a story; you know there’s something there. At the very least the perception could cost support, which appears to be the case regarding the Hunter Biden bombshell. If voters had known and the media did their job, close to 20 percent of Biden supporters in several key states wouldn’t have voted for him. 

We all know there was liberal media bias for decades. It’s now been weaponized to serve as ammunition to help Democrats steal elections, or at the very least win them by cheating. Donald Trump was put under the microscope for everything and endured it. most of the attacks were outright garbage, but he fended off their attacks with precision. That doesn’t mean he left without having damage inflicted upon him; the false Russian collusion nonsense being the most grating. 

Now, the media will go one being dirty prostitutes for the Democratic National Committee. 

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