Escape from New York: Mayor Bill Established COVID Checkpoints at Bridges and Crossings for Turkey Day

Posted: Nov 27, 2020 6:45 PM
Escape from New York: Mayor Bill Established COVID Checkpoints at Bridges and Crossings for Turkey Day

Source: AP Photo/John Minchillo

So, it would seem the film Escape from New York is not all that far-fetched. Coronavirus caused New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio to establish checkpoints at the bridges and tunnels to help curb the spread. 

In the movie, Manhattan Island is a massive prison to help deal with the nation’s rising crime rate in a dystopian United States. It’s cut off from the rest of the country. Well, in 2020, the Big Apple crime is spiking, thanks to Billy and the Democratic political leadership spitting in the face of the police. New York City is also the epicenter for the United States’ COVID outbreak. It’s also the state with the highest death toll. It’s the state where its governor forced nursing homes, hubs for the nation’s at-risk populace regarding pathogens, to admit COVID-positive patients. Thousands died as a result. So, New York has been great when it comes to killing scores of old people, letting the virus spread like a brushfire, and then pointing the finger at everyone else to cover their own incompetence. King William made this announcement before the Thanksgiving holiday (via The Blaze): Blasio announced that city officials and law enforcement would be focused on making sure people follow the COVID edicts by ramping up penalties and checkpoints. Included in the stricter New York mandates is a travel quarantine for non-New Yorkers coming into the city.

No one will be spared from the crackdown. 

"We're going to make sure that people are reminded constantly throughout this whole holiday season if you travel, there are very clear rules you have to follow..."


De Blasio said he doesn't want to do this, but it's necessary — to keep everybody safe — and he's got just the guy to make sure everybody follows the rules: Sheriff Joe Fucito.

"No one likes that, no one wants to do that in the holidays, but we will do it to keep people safe," the mayor added. "So, here to tell you about all our efforts to make sure people travel safely and follow the rules that will keep us all safe, our Sheriff Joe Fucito."

Fucito took the ball and ran with it, telling everyone that there will be increased vehicle checkpoints a bridges, tunnels, and crossings, and that his teams will be standing curbside at bus stops as riders disembark from out-of-state buses.


Anyone who does not follow the travel quarantine rules should know: "There will be consequences," including mandatory quarantine orders from the health commissioner, summons, and fines.

De Blasio has been an outright disaster when it comes to the COVID lockdown. First, he seems to have an unhealthy enforcement fetish when it comes to the Jewish community. Second, he bans mass gatherings except for Black Lives Matter protests because…nothing makes sense. And last, drags his feet regarding schools reopening, but declared daycares, which are used by 100,000+ kids, will be allowed to open. Makes no sense, Billy. And this edict is just ridiculous. De Blasio warned city residents that enforcement measures will be brutal 

Look, this nonsense is done. There’s no way to enforce this without de Blasio declaring himself king and going to every residence to ensure everyone is following the rules. This is ridiculous. And why should anyone take this seriously? The so-called medical experts aren’t—that’s for damn sure. Oh, what the death toll, right? If it was a concern, then why did California Gov. Gavin Newsom abscond to Napa with his wife for a fancy dinner with…medical doctors? There were no masks or social distancing. One has to wonder if these people know something that we don’t. It’s a bit tinfoil hat, but if this virus is such a big deal, why aren’t the medical professionals and Democratic leaders treating it as such. Every single COVID lockdown fetishist has been caught red-handed flouting their own rules. The mask-wearing advice is as bullet ruddled as Bonnie and Clyde concerning credibility. The democrats and the media weaponized COVID to attack Trump, and now with the election over, the pervasive 180-degree turns on advice and the incessant panic porn peddling has exhausted everyone. 

This is no longer about public safety. This is about control, and Democrats love to take constitutionally questionable power grabs for a spin. But everyone sees through this charade as well. It’s totally backward to ask the healthy and otherwise not-at-risk population to quarantine itself. It’s crazy talk—and it needs to stop. It’s time to reopen, no matter what. Vaccines are on the way, but the virus will just have to burn through because the lockdown regime has no credibility. The era of the expert is finished. They did it to themselves. 

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