Biden Might Pick Former Clinton Adviser Who Was Neck-Deep in Hillary's Email Fiasco for Top Security Post

Posted: Nov 26, 2020 5:45 PM
Biden Might Pick Former Clinton Adviser Who Was Neck-Deep in Hillary's Email Fiasco for Top Security Post

Source: AP Photo/Charles Krupa

Joe Biden is making his picks for government posts and he’s decided to tap a former Hillary Clinton aide to be his national security adviser. Jake Sullivan has come back into the limelight after being a focal point for his former boss’s email fiasco. He reportedly sent classified information through Hillary’s unsecured and unauthorized email server. He also peddled Trump-Russia collusion nonsense. We shouldn’t be shocked by these antics, but any person knows that someone who blithely disregarded concerns about the safety of sensitive material due to Hillary’s email scandal probably shouldn’t be a top pick for a security post (via Daily Caller News Foundation):

Joe Biden’s likely choice for national security adviser sent more than 200 classified emails found on Hillary Clinton’s private email network, and touted a now-debunked allegation before the 2016 election which fueled the conspiracy theory that Donald Trump was in cahoots with Russian leaders.


Sullivan was a key figure in the saga surrounding Clinton’s use of a private email network for government business. Clinton exclusively used the private server, eschewing guidance from the State Department to use government networks.

Clinton and her group of top aides, including Sullivan, Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills, exchanged thousands of emails that the FBI and other agencies found to have contained classified information.

As of March 2016, the State Department and FBI had determined that Sullivan sent 215 emails that were deemed to contain classified material. Politico reported in February 2016 that Sullivan sent emails to Clinton that contained information classified at the “top secret” level, the highest classification category.

Yeah, let’s give this guy access to more state secrets, right? The media certainly won’t raise any questions. That’s the seat of irony since they were the ones who made the email story a 2016 issue. I mean, it was—and they did a decent job covering the story. The candidate for president from a major party might have mishandled classified information and put our national security at risk. That’s a story. It also didn’t help that Hillary lied about it. She said the server was allowed. It wasn’t; the State Department IG report made that clear. Hence, why this was an unauthorized setup. So, after multiple pivots blew up, Hillary, like Joe Biden, went into the bunker. She held no press conferences until the end of the election. The scandal rehashed the old criticisms of the Clintons regarding how they’re secretive, it’s politics all the time, and, most of all, the feeling that the rules didn’t apply to them. Soon afterward, Hillary’s standing on character tanked. And, as always with her, the more she remained in the spotlight, the more unpopular she became. So, Biden thinks his security team needs Sullivan? The fish rots from the head. Hillary wantonly sent sensitive materials through this email arrangement, and so did Sullivan. If the parties were reversed, any Republican would be grilled over this, especially since Democrats went on a cybersecurity freak out for the past three years. But hey, we have a two separate rules doctrine that must be maintained, even if it means putting national security on the backburner because…‘orange man—bad.’

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