Why a Lifelong Democrat from Battleground Michigan Just Endorsed Trump

Posted: Oct 29, 2020 3:04 AM
Why a Lifelong Democrat from Battleground Michigan Just Endorsed Trump

Source: AP Photo/Alex Brandon

In Minnesota, there were scores of Democrats who decided to back Trump. Excuse me, there were scores of Democratic mayors from the state who threw their support behind Trump. Hillary Clinton barely won the state back in 2016. Trump came within two points of a total rust belt state sweep. Maybe that can happen in 2020; I’ll wager a small bet that we’ll take it. Hey, I can’t wager $10,000 like Mitt Romney, but we shouldn’t be shocked if Trump pulls out a win there on election night. Yet, this story isn’t about Minnesota. 

It’s about Michigan, where the vice president of the Flint City Council just backed Trump. Minnesota is where signs of significant cross-party backing of Trump was seen. Now, it appears to be leaching into the Mitten State. Maurice Davis is a lifelong Democrat and 2016 Hillary voter, and he’s decided to break ranks (via NBC 25 News):

Flint City Council member Maurice Davis spoke before Vice President Mike Pence at Flint Bishop Airport saying he supports President Donald Trump.

"Right now the narrative has been spent, President Trump is full of hate. Let me tell you something, the Democrats are full of hate. I have been a democrat all my life, 64 years. The last four years I voted for Hillary Clinton. This year I decided to go with President Trump. I am not a bootlicker, I am not an Uncle Tom," said Maurice Davis.

Joel Pollak at Breitbart has more regarding Davis’ views on the so-called protests and the Black Lives Matter movement this year:

Davis, who is also an accomplished blues musician, has been moving toward endorsing Trump for months.

Earlier this year, he was harshly critical of the riots that accompanied Black Lives Matter protests.

“Riots, they ain’t no damn protest, they’re riots … tearing up your own neighborhoods … ‘We hate Donald Trump’ … but yet, we didn’t hate the $1,200 he sent us,” Davis said on a Facebook video.

I’m pretty sure he’s not alone regarding the rampant leftist rioting that’s engulfed America’s cities this summer.

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