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Erin Scott/Pool via AP

Dr. Anthony Fauci isn’t an idiot, but by God, man—are you for real with this remark about COVID deaths? The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases chief who has been a trainwreck on masks now has a new mind-numbingly stupid hot take on COVID deaths. He simply doesn’t see how there could be excess deaths in this year besides those from COVID. He said this during an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper. Tapper was teeing up whether the COVID death count has been undercounted. Some study showed that the U.S. saw 20 percent more deaths between March and August of this year. 


When you have worked your whole life to build up a business only to have it be destroyed because of the hysteria drummed up by so-called medical experts, I’d get depressed. Most Americans would risk infection rather than see their livelihoods go up in smoke. Depression is up, as is drug use, domestic violence, and a host of other issues, doc. Really, you can’t think of any reason? We knew this back in April (via ABC7):

Calls to a suicide and help hotline in Los Angeles went up more than 8,000% from February to March because of the novel coronavirus.

According to the Orange County Register, the Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services Center in Los Angeles took 22 calls to their hotline related to COVID-19 in February.

But one month later, that number soared to 1,800 calls.

COVID will sooner be known as one of the greatest overreactions of all time, thanks to an increasingly ‘woke’ scientific community who saw their chance to ignite a panic in order to influence an election. As a result, these people’s time is over. It’s done. 


Re-opening businesses is wrong. Protesting in support of reopening one’s economy is white nationalism or something BUT protesting in support of liberal causes and rioting on behalf of Black Lives Matter is OK. Why? Well, racism is just as bad as COVID. That’s what these clowns said. You can riot…because ‘orange man, bad.’ The virus cannot be transmitted if you’re a left-wing terrorist, but don’t you dare attend the funerals of loved ones. That’s why people scoff at the mask mandates. That’s why people are rightfully giving the finger to the so-called experts. These people are ‘woke’ morons who think their medical degree shields them from us seeing right through their liberal political dispositions. They’re no better than the operatives at the DNC. Ignore the experts. Hell, the LA Lakers won the championship this week. People flocked to the streets. I guess the virus is over, right? 

This little virus’ time is done. The lockdown hysteria is over. No matter how hard liberal wish for more people to die, for more business to collapse, and for more lockdowns to occur—it’s not going to happen. Your credibility died when we all saw you trying to purposefully hurt the economy and the livelihoods of millions of Americans to hurt the president.   

This take was almost as bad as Fauci’s pitch during the Nationals game. It was brutal. Strike two, doc. And we haven’t forgotten how you thought New York was a model for fighting COVID, despite the state being a total disaster zone. 


I mean, their governor only forced nursing homes to accept COVID-positive patients that led to thousands of deaths. 

But with everything we’ve seen, the jobs lost because of China’s incompetence, you think we’re undercounting. If anything, we’re overcounting. 

Last Note: Libs owned.

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