Liberal Reactions to Trump and Melania’s COVID Diagnosis Shows There Is Only One Rule to Live by Now

Posted: Oct 02, 2020 11:55 AM
Liberal Reactions to Trump and Melania’s COVID Diagnosis Shows There Is Only One Rule to Live by Now

Source: AP Photo/Alex Brandon

As Katie wrote late last night, President Trump has been diagnosed with COVID. First Lady Melania Trump has also tested positive. This comes after Counselor to the President Hope Hicks tested positive last evening. The day has been brutal. It will be brutal for many more. We’re in the final stages of a highly contested presidential election, a Supreme Court fight, and now a COVID diagnosis from the most powerful man in the world. Mr. President and Madam First Lady, I wish you are speedy recovery, but now let me turn my fire onto the trash liberals who infest this great country. 

Liberals are jumping with glee right now. Yes, some are sending well wishes, but it's people who, you know, mostly can't tweet how they really feel. Pete Buttigieg is a former 2020 Democratic candidate for president, he can't go with the "I hope you die" route.  All these well-wishers on the Left don’t mean it. They’re snickering. They’re laughing. They’re hoping Trump dies. I wouldn’t expect anything less. These people hate us, and we should hate them with greater intensity. My hatred of the Left is what keeps me going every day. I’m sure you all could tell. If a liberal was drowning, I wouldn’t throw a life vest. I’d throw an anvil. 

People have many opinions about politics. Some think public service is a means of doing good. It’s become a snake pit, however, and while our Founding Fathers were brilliant--our institutions are pretty much crap now. Damaged beyond repair? No. Of course not, but eight years of Barack Obama certainly chiseled away at their credibility. Have we forgotten that the Department of Justice was weaponized and spied on the presidential campaign of the rival political party? 

Cortney wrote the initial reactions last night. I also found an avalanche of liberal schadenfreude.

Again, let the Left be terrible. What is often missed in these incidents where liberals get their rocks off is that conservatives often think we get brownie points for being the “better man.” That’s crap, especially now. It’s an election year. We are where politics usually resides—in the gutter. It’s a knife fight. The one who inflicts the most damage and spills the most blood—figuratively speaking—wins. 

So, yes, some of these reactions will be sick, I even found one in the thread above that some could argue is homophobic. Again, we have to focus on winning this election and getting Amy Coney Barrett on the Supreme Court. Show no mercy for you shall receive none. 

That’s the only rule to live by now. Politics is war. The Left is just lusting to enact an agenda that snuffs us out, and their 100+ days of rioting should give insight into how far they are willing to go to achieve that aim. Don’t be the "better person." We never ever will get credit for being the better, principled party—ever. Have we learned nothing from 2012? When we get punched or have hate hurled at us, throw it right back.

The best part about this is that Trump and Melania will be fine. They dropped the COVID news EARLY this morning to keep these liberal journos awake. And whoever wins on November 3 will get the last laugh. This should only get you more motivated to vote on November 3. We own libs by winning. We own libs by bringing them to full froth. Fix those bayonets, kids. It’s about to get nasty. and I love it. More partisanship, more division, more conflict—it’s politics at its heart. It’s human nature. Deal with it or get out of the way.