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Is Anyone Else Puzzled Over What Joe Biden Did the Day After Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Passing?

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died. She was 87. Her legacy is cemented. Period. The Left is going bananas. The meltdowns are pervasive. The Democrats want to pack the Supreme Court in anticipation of a nomination fight to fill her vacancy. Filling the seat is going to happen. The top Senate Republicans have signaled their intention to hold committee and floor votes should a nominee be brought before them. President Donald Trump said that the Republican Party should move “without delay” to fill the vacancy.

You’d think Joey would be out there giving speeches, as some have noted on social media. This fight will galvanize the GOP base. McConnell’s successful blocking of the Merrick Garland nomination and conservatives highlighting the SCOTUS aspect of the 2016 election helped pushed Trump over the top that year. Yet, Trump already had a jacked-up base. Biden has enthusiasm issues with Democrats and this SCOTUS issue could help him get a little life into the equation. Nope. He was too tired. His people called a lid…at 8:34 AM. Yeah, that's right. He decided to take the day off. I mean, not complaining, but this is odd, right?

Seriously, what’s going on? I’m glad Biden decided to nap all day, but if I were a Democrat, you’d think you’d be rushing to DC to meet supporters on the steps of the Supreme Court. Also, there should have been something from him today, a Supreme Court justice just passed away. For progressive voters, this should tell you all that you need to know about Joe. He’s no fighter. He’s weak. He’d rather stay in the basement. I mean, really—that’s how soon his day was called.

A valuable day was wasted for Democrats, but I’m not complaining.

H/T Twitchy

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