WSJ Editorial Board Rips Democrats for Purging Black Police Chiefs

Posted: Sep 15, 2020 5:25 PM
WSJ Editorial Board Rips Democrats for Purging Black Police Chiefs

Source: AP Photo/Ted S. Warren

Liberals are for progressive values and diversity until they’re not. It’s predictable. It’s outrageous. It’s a bit entertaining. When it comes to law and order, they’re endorsing the riots. They’re actively spitting in the face of police officers. They want them disarmed. They want to end qualified immunity. They want to reduce the penalties for assaulting police officers. There is a war on law enforcement, and for black police chiefs—they know this all too well. They’re being purged across the country. Democrats may despise black Republicans, but those in the police force they may hate even more. The irony is thick.

As the Left rails against police for a variety of nonsensical reasons, diversity being one of them, aren’t more black police chiefs a goal? Apparently not. You’ve all seen the videos. If white liberals hurling epithets at black cops doesn’t paint the picture for you, I don’t know what else will. And these clowns at these riots always search out the black cop in the line trying to keep law and order to insult and denigrate. 

We saw this coming when Seattle’s Police Chief Carmen Best resigned after the city council voted to cut funding to the police department. Now, Rochester, New York, and Dallas, Texas’ police chiefs—all black—have been forced out. In Dallas, Renee Hall was the first black woman to helm the ship there. No longer. Diversity is not good unless it’s our kind of diversity, says liberal America. That’s authoritarianism, folks. Again, you’ve all seen this coming, but the endless rioting, the assault on cops, and the overall mayhem the Left has endorsed because Trump is president is starting to impact the race, but don’t let the purge of black police chiefs get buried in the Left’s disturbing downward spiral. 

The Wall Street Journal’s editorial board noted this “black cops don’t matter” trend, while also noting that one black police chief that will probably survive the purge is James Craig of Detroit since Mayor Mike Duggan has offered political support for him:  

As the Democratic Party moves to the left this year, it is spending time and energy hoping voters don’t notice the consequences of progressive policies. The party famously rolled through its convention across four days without mentioning the violence gripping U.S. cities. Now another hard-to-miss phenomenon has emerged: African-American police chiefs are being forced from their jobs by the party’s protesters.

In one day this week, two black police chiefs resigned under pressure—Renee Hall in Dallas, the first black woman to head that city’s force, and La’Ron Singletary in Rochester. Last month Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best, a three-decade veteran of the force, quit in protest over the progressive City Council’s plans to defund the police.

Rochester’s Chief Singletary didn’t go quietly. In a bitter statement Tuesday, he said: “As a man of integrity, I will not sit idly by while outside entities attempt to destroy my character.”

And that’s progressive America, folks. You deviate on one issue or in this case, pick the wrong profession—you must be destroyed. Live how we tell you, and think the way we tell you. I’ve read 1984. Oceania is not what we want to be.