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AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Former New York Times writer Bari Weiss was purged from the publication. She was not "woke" enough. Weiss is not a conservative, folks. She’s a classical liberal; she’s just not a crazed Marxist. It would seem Weiss being the lonely kid in the lunchroom—because she’s normal—started long before the blowup over Sen. Tom Cotton’s (R-AR) op-ed about using the military to restore law and order in the wake of the George Floyd riots in June. That caused a total meltdown among the hyper-left-wingers at the publication. Weiss described it was a full-blown “civil war.” Eventually, she decided to flee the paper, noting how it had become a total looney bin. And yes, anti-Semitism was pervasive.

Well, this latest op-ed surely captures how the "woke" Left took over this section. We have some guy saying that even with a Joe Biden win in 2020, it “won’t cure his Trump-era depression.” These people are babies. They’re fragile. And when you’re this unspooled because of an election loss—you need to get a life. Seriously. For all of their lectures about privilege, it would seem liberals cannot take their own medicine, that being they think they’re entitled to win every election because…they went to college or something. They feel right on the issues. It’s pathetic. But this phrase in the op-ed truly shows how these cultural terrorists have taken over and it did not go unnoticed (via NYT) [emphasis mine]:

According to the American Psychiatric Association, in 2017, 36 percent of adults described themselves as feeling more anxious than they did the previous year. Also in 2017, more than 17 million American adults and three million Americans between the ages of 12 and 17 had at least one major depressive episode. A psychologist, Jennifer Panning, has even assigned a name to mental health problems attributed to this presidency: Trump Anxiety Disorder.

Some of us broke four years ago and haven’t recovered. Along with so many others, I had to ask myself what it meant to live in a system that allowed for a proudly racist and sexist representative of the capitalist class to seize presidential power. I mourned for the younger version of myself that had cast his first vote for the first Black presidential candidate on a major party ticket and had his cynicism challenged when that candidate actually won.


No, I never assumed that in my lifetime we would defeat the entrenched forces of white supremacist heteropatriarchal capitalism. But I had come around to believing that a slow, frustrating but ultimately sustainable victory and all the jubilation that would come along with it was something my friends’ children might someday experience.


When I can’t sleep, I think of the time I walked by a Planned Parenthood center in New York City and watched a person affix a cross to the side of the building and pray over it — a reminder of how reproductive rights remain under attack and are in danger of being whittled down to nothing. I think of how Breonna Taylor didn’t even see the police coming. I think of how I lost my great-aunt to Covid-19.

I feel fragile.

But as the election approaches, I know I can’t rely on a President Biden to cure my Trump-era depression. If he wins, it will simply represent a return to the normalcy favored by Democrats and the lie of American unity. A Biden presidency would not bring with it the same level of incompetence-meets-evil that we have suffered under the Trump administration. But without an agenda aimed at radically transforming (or in some cases eliminating altogether) the institutions that have caused so much harm, the best we can hope for is four years of bipartisan compromises that leave us facing the same challenges.

“White supremacist heteropatriarchal capitalism”? Yeah, if I were Weiss, I would have run for the hills too. What is this garbage? It’s pseudo-intellectual applesauce. Not even Joe Biden, whose mind is currently being eaten by worms, is that far gone to blurt that phrase out. Is this a joke? It just shows how Trump has so damaged the minds of liberal America. And one can only imagine the meltdown should Trump get a second term. Let’s make that happen.

“White supremacist heteropatriarchal capitalism”?

I’m still laughing.

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