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Total Meltdown: The Liberal Media's Tears Flowed During Night Two of Republican Convention

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

The liberal media had a meltdown last night. There are not enough mugs in the world to catch all of their tears. It was delicious. It’s the only gauge that matters concerning whether we’re doing anything right in owning these people and their corrupt agenda. If any person needs an uppercut the requires hospitalization, its these self-righteous and all-around bad people. And Donald Trump is just the man to deliver it. Night two of the Republican National Convention was outstanding. The production quality was great. It blew the Democratic National Convention away, with their third-rate videos and Zoom call format. Also, it’s good to see themes being shown about that this party is about, what it cherishes, and what it advocates, which pales in comparison to the “I’m upset and it’s Trump’s fault” b*tchfest that we saw last week. 


We had a naturalization ceremony featuring the president. The story of Jon Ponder, a man who was caught in a life of crime, about to be given a serious sentence for armed robbery, but then said made a deal with God to do better if he was granted leniency at sentencing. He was granted such a reprieve miraculously, turned his life around, and was granted a full pardon by President Trump during the convention. It’s a story of second chances and redemption. 

Melania Trump capped off the night discussing her journey to America, voicing concern about the dark side of social media, hoping to bring attention to the ongoing opioid epidemic, and touting school choice. First Ladies always have their national priority action item. Laura Bush, tapping her roots as a librarian, to focus on literacy. Michelle Obama was focused on ‘Let’s Move’ to combat childhood obesity. Melania has her “Be Best” initiative to combat cyberbullying, but she also spoke a lot about addiction, seeking help, and getting the treatment too. 

Yet, if you’d venture onto Twitter, specifically the hashtag “#TrumpChaos,” it was a window into another universe. It truly was something to behold. First, there was a meltdown that Melania, who delivered her RNC address in the Rose Garden, chopped down cherry trees and made the space look dead. Well, there were no cherry trees in the Rose Garden. Former New York Times reporter Kurt Eichenwald went on a vicious xenophobic tear, pretty much saying that Melania shouldn’t have touched the area because she wasn’t an American citizen for that long. And yes, they mocked her accent. Right, because mocking an indelibly American story of a Slovenian immigrant who became First Lady of the United States is a winning move, right? These people are clowns. And Melania’s story could only happen here. 


Oh, and let’s not forget about Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s “unprecedented” address to the GOP convention from Israel. Listen, fake news press morons, we all remember the 2012 Democratic National Convention where scores of Obama cabinet members addressed the crowd. 


Leah and Reagan covered the fit these clowns threw over the naturalization process and Melania’s speech. MSNBC’s Joy Reid called it an abomination

“Trump who has promoted the Muslim Ban, caged immigrant kids, rescinded DACA, has told Congresswoman of color to go back home, asks why people from shithole countries come here, tried and failed to build a making a mockery of the citizenship ceremony. Vile,” tweeted Wajahat Ali of The New York Times

There was no Muslim ban, Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim country, wasn’t on the travel ban list for the millionth time, the cages were first built by Obama; the nations Trump described were s**tholes, and we are building the wall, albeit piecemeal. Whatever, no need to respond to this crowd; just pass the popcorn as you see how much Trump gets under their skin. Hillary Clinton will never be president. 


That’s got to get their temperatures to rise. 

Oh, and Ponder’s story was dismissed because apparently people who run non-profits, as Ponder does with Hope for Prisoners, Inc, aren’t supposed to endorse candidates. Yeah, and as many noted, people who run charities still and can endorse who they want to be president. Board members of the Clinton Foundation campaigned for Hillary in 2016. Again, you idiots, we have your receipts. 

Tonight will be night three, where Vice President Mike Pence will formally address the convention. Expect more the same from these guys, the dishonest press. 

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