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AP Photo/Paul Sancya

CNN teased it before tonight’s festivities. Bill Clinton’s speech was going to be some epic slamming of Trump. The repudiation was going to happen tonight as if this entire convention isn’t one huge Trump-bashing fest. And then it happened. Thirty minutes into the convention the former president and Jeffrey Epstein island-hopping pal gave his address. It was mostly grounded in COVID and blaming Trump for the virus. Democrats have to do this since some of their so-called top leaders, Cuomo cough* cough*, has plans that actually led to thousands of deaths via nursing home edicts. 


Bill says Joe will unite, not divide. And, get this—he brought us back from a recession before and he’ll do it again. Does anyone remember those anemic growth numbers? Clinton says Joe has these smart, detailed plans for factories and small businesses, which were drafted by the most far-left elements of the Democratic Party. News bulletin, Bill, the Green New Scam will torpedo any small business. And yes, infrastructure was discussed. 

Slick Willy says that Joe will build an economy far better to fit our future needs or something, and he warned that Trump will blame, bully, and belittle if re-elected. Joe will “build back better.” It’s a choice between ‘us vs. them,’ which is Trump’s America, and Joe Biden’s America where we all work together. Oh, and he mentioned how Trump uses social media in the wrong way. Oh, no--he's putting Texas in play with that zinger.

It was a rather flat repudiation if anything. Bill just doesn’t have the mojo to deliver the heavy hits anymore. He looked tired. He simply looked like a man who literally was just done with this whole thing. He was a governor and president. He’s in full-blown retirement mode but did this as a party favor. And again, there’s just no energy around the name “Joe Biden.” 


Bill, unlike his succubus wife, has political skills. He is personable. He is likable. Bill could have easily won a third term if the Constitution permitted it. He can make an argument, but even Bill just didn’t deliver a convincing endorsement of Biden. He’s framed Joe as the anti-Trump. That’s fine. It’s not enough to win. Romney was the anti-Obama. John Kerry was the anti-Bush. Both guys lost. 

Bill gave a more convincing speech denying his trysts with Monica Lewinsky than this speech supporting Biden.


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