His Replies Option on Twitter Ensured an Ex-ESPN Writer Got Dragged for His Idiotic Take on CA Gun Ruling

Posted: Aug 15, 2020 3:56 AM
His Replies Option on Twitter Ensured an Ex-ESPN Writer Got Dragged for His Idiotic Take on CA Gun Ruling

Source: AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Bronson wrote up the glorious news coming out of California. Yeah, I know—seldom does that ever happen regarding good news emanating from the People’s Democratic Republic of California, but this is a notable exception. The state’s ban on so-called high-capacity magazines was struck down by the courts as a violation of the Second Amendment:

The Second Amendment scored a victory in court on Friday. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals invalidated a California ban on so-called large-capacity magazines (LCM) that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition. 

The three-judge panel ruled that California's ban "substantially burdened core Second Amendment rights" and "struck at the core of law-abiding citizens to self-defend by banning LCM possession within the home." The ban makes about half of all gun magazines in the country illegal to own in California and other states with similar bans on LCMs.

"This is a huge win for the NRA and gun owners nationwide," NRA spokesperson Amy Hunter said in a statement. "The 9th Circuit, which isn't often a favorable court for gun owners, ruled it is unconstitutional to place arbitrary bans on magazines that hold more than 10 rounds."

As Bronson noted, this was partially due to President Trump being able to flip the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, which has been uber-liberal in years past. Well, the president and Sen. Mitch McConnell have made mincemeat of the liberal mark on our judiciary. Notice how the national injunction fever broke months ago regarding this administration’s executive orders. With the appeals courts now ours, the liberals can’t do jack anymore. Yet, that doesn’t mean people were going to have really, really bad takes on this ruling. Take J.A. Adande, the director of sports journalism at Northwestern University and a former ESPN analyst, who said, “How can high-capacity gun magazines be covered by the second amendment when they didn’t exist when the second amendment was written?”

Who wants to tell him? Well, first, Dana Loesch shredded him by responding, “So you’re saying free speech expressed digitally can’t be considered protected speech because neither computers nor the Internet existed when the First Amendment was written.”

Maybe this horrible take could have gone under the radar, but Adande appears to have invoked the replies option on Twitter, where one can set limits on who can respond. It’s a way to protect snowflake liberals from getting their warped sense of reality stomped on by normal people. When people see this, it does paint a target on your back. What are you afraid of, guys? Stop trying to shred the Bill of Rights and we’ll leave you alone. 

And yes, I agree with our friends at Twitchy—take screenshots because he might delete it soon.