Seriously, Lady: PA Dem Who AG Barr Laughed at During Clown Show Hearing Took a Racial Swipe at Him

Posted: Jul 29, 2020 2:25 PM
Seriously, Lady: PA Dem Who AG Barr Laughed at During Clown Show Hearing Took a Racial Swipe at Him

Source: AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Cortney teed this up earlier today. It’s rich. It’s hilarious. It’s Attorney General William Barr slaying House Democrats for being total and complete morons. I mean, seriously, he laughed at Madeleine Dean (D-PA) because she didn’t know what she was talking about—literally:

She then displayed a description of the DOJ's use of less-lethal weapons from a 2009 report. It explained that the accuracy and accompanying blunt trauma impact of PepperBalls make it "an ideal chemical dispensing system." So, Dean concluded that although Barr claimed it "wasn't a chemical," he must at least be aware of his department's policy.

"What policy?" Barr asked. 

Looking sort of surprised, Dean stutteringly replied, "the one I've just provided to you."

Again, Barr asked, "What does it say? What's the policy?" And again he got no answer.

"Well I showed it to you," she said, looking down at her notes and avoiding eye contact.

He looked around and laughed a hearty laugh.

And now, she’s resorting to straight-up gaslighting us about the hearing and throwing an odd racial swipe at the attorney general, saying he spoke over people, was rude, and had no staffers of color with him. Oh, and he was disrespectful. Do we need to rewind the tape?

Democrats refused to let him speak because he’s a man who would have wrecked all of their weak sauce arguments in less than three sentences. They know it. So, they just “reclaimed their time” and shouted at him for hours. It was a 2020 campaign event. Democrats and Republicans can’t hold rallies for their respective candidates, so bashing Trump officials is I guess the next best thing. Barr was patient with these folks. In fact, he should have been the one talking the most yesterday, but Democrats have to bash him the DOJ, federal law enforcement, accuse him, without evidence, that he was in on the Roger Stone sentencing non-controversy, and shocker—he’s a Republicans. Police have been called “stormtroopers” by Democrats because they’re enforcing the law as their base decided to riot and burn down federal buildings. I believe Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) literally called cops “secret police” in yesterday’s hearing. It was mayhem—and it was the Democrats causing all of it.

Someone, please tell Ms. Dean there’s this thing called television. We have the clips. We have the exchanges. You people were out of control.