What in the Fresh Hell Is This? UConn Student Government Leaders Resigned Because...They're White

Posted: Jul 24, 2020 11:45 AM
What in the Fresh Hell Is This? UConn Student Government Leaders Resigned Because...They're White

This cannot be real. I mean, it is—but the aspect that someone thought this would be a rational decision is scary. Yet, this is higher education. It’s a ‘woke’ cesspool, where conservatives are hunted down and shamed, people rat on each other over so-called problematic social media posts, and where people are told all white people are devils. It’s an echo chamber of stupidity, populated by a growing segment of people who think they can dictate what is and isn’t right because of some BS degree. What’s really funny are the white progressives who decide what is and what isn’t racist on behalf of people of color. Oh, and they’re making black activists wary since a lot of BLM protests are dominated by…white liberals. 

Right now, hating white people or blaming them for all things is what’s the rage among lefties. There’s a new book, ‘White Fragility,’ that’s just nonsensical. Even some liberals, like Rolling Stone editor Matt Taibbi, are calling it the “dumbest book ever written.” In all, the Left views racism as something that will never go away, racial harmony isn’t meant to be a goal society should strive for either. Instead, treat it as an addiction, albeit with loads of judgment. So, given white liberals self-flagellating themselves figurately speaking it’s no shocker that the heads of UConn’s student body government resigned because…they were white (via The College Fix):

Kent Brockman has said it before and he’ll say it again: “Democracy simply doesn’t work.”

It’s a view also embraced by the president and vice president of the University of Connecticut’s Undergraduate Student Government, who spurned the students who voted for them four months ago by resigning their elected positions.

Their rationale is both ludicrous and probably genuine: White people shouldn’t lead.

VP Alex Ose was the first to go last week, according to The Daily Campus.


President Joshua Crow didn’t go that far when he announced his own resignation prompted by white guilt …

“It is important in this time to ensure that marginalized groups have the platforms they need,” he said, according to The Daily Campus. (Their paralyzing white guilt makes a little more sense when you consider that Crow and Ose beat a nonwhite ticket, Jase Valle and Guymara Manigat.)

Crow’s temporary replacement is … another white guy, Will Schad. But don’t worry! Schad’s whiteness won’t pollute the student government for much longer, at least as president.

Put down the bath salts, kids. What is this? Really? Did they think racism would be over by resigning? No, you just look like clowns, kids. That’s all I’ll say. These kids are going to graduate and another legion of unhinged, illiberal, and intolerant ‘woke’ zombies will flood our streets and our institutions in another wave that will yank the Acela Corridor more towards the politics not seen since Fidel Castro took over Cuba. And yes, there will be firing squads, just not physical ones. It’ll be in the form of cancel culture mobs scalping anyone who isn’t adhering to their authoritarian ethos on political correctness. So, yes, this is an absurd move. It’s pure idiocy, but these kids will soon graduate. We can’t just point and laugh anymore.