Yeah, That's Why WaPo Ran a Chinese Propaganda Piece About Wuhan Native Who Got COVID in Florida

Posted: Jul 16, 2020 2:30 PM
Yeah, That's Why WaPo Ran a Chinese Propaganda Piece About Wuhan Native Who Got COVID in Florida

Source: AP Photo/Chris O'Meara

Really, guys. Is this piece for real? We have a Chinese couple that ventured down to Florida, Marco Island to be exact, and then got the coronavirus. They didn’t drive, they flew down there. Also, they’re from Wuhan. In fact, that’s pretty much the headline for the piece. I’m from Wuhan and got COVID from visiting Florida. The piece then pretty much goes on to give China a big pat on the back. Folks, did you know there are no reported cases anymore. Of course, this piece serves to spread panic, trash Trump, but most of all hit Gov. Ron DeSantis who has been a top liberal media target during this crisis. 

Florida’s new case numbers are through the roof, they say. Well, I’m going to hold out until we get the real data. I say that because some locations don’t report negative test results and it matters. At Orlando Health, they reported a 98 percent positivity rate, but when the full results, with the negative tests, were included, it dropped to 9.4 percent. That, I don’t know, might screw with the real numbers. 

Anyways, here’s some top-notch Chinese propaganda being plastered in The Post:

When I told my family in Wuhan, they were in disbelief. In six months, it feels like China and the United States have swapped places: Wuhan, where it all started, has reported zero cases and found just 300 asymptomatic carriers since late May, while some U.S. states are seeing thousands of new cases daily. On Sunday, Florida set a single-day record in the United States, with more than 15,000 cases.

My mother is baffled by the U.S. pandemic response: “Americans just won’t listen,” she would tell me with frustration. She is used to seeing Chinese authorities aggressively stomp out every flare-up of the virus. In mid-May, Wuhan swabbed 9 million residents in a “10-day battle” in response to a handful of new cases. Recently, a video that went viral on Chinese social media showed a woman crying hysterically after receiving her positive test result in a Beijing shopping mall. In six days, contact tracers in Beijing identified and quarantined all 292 people who had close contact with her for further testing.


In the United States, it’s mostly up to individuals to decide how they want to cope with the pandemic, but China acts more like an enormous machine, allocating resources and manpower to each challenge. It’s the difference between collectivism and individualism: China is battling one pandemic, whereas each American state, community and person is fighting their own.

Yet neither model has been entirely successful. In the United States, inconsistent and delayed policies have seen cases soar, hospitals become overwhelmed and vulnerable communities bear a disproportionate burden. In China, whistleblowers and citizen journalists have been silenced, censors have been scrubbing contentof dissent online, and rigid quarantine policies have displaced migrant workers and immigrants.

Well, at least this person acknowledges that China is disappearing people trying to report on this virus accurately. Still, China is no model for fighting COVID; they knew that this virus was going to explode into a pandemic and did nothing for nearly a week. It’s still China’s fault. They still have the highest death rate from this virus; you’re on crack if you take their figures at face value.  Also, the publication took millions to run ads from China, so no shocker that the piece claims that China and the US have “swapped places” in this fight. Please, again, regarding COVID deaths and cases, China is supreme. 

This is a joke. 

Also, despite the panic in Florida, well, there’s no big rush to the hospitals, not that our medical system was overwhelmed the likes we saw in Italy.