Canada's Former Chief Public Health Officer: End the COVID Lockdowns

Posted: Jul 10, 2020 3:02 AM
Canada's Former Chief Public Health Officer: End the COVID Lockdowns

Source: AP Photo/Eric Gay

End them. That’s what multiple Canadian doctors, including the country’s first chief public health officer, declared in a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and other officials. The open letter seems to be popular nowadays, huh? COVID is not a hoax. It’s real. It’s contagious. And people have died from it. It’s tragic, but it’s becoming quite clear that the lockdowns have caused more harm than good—and that damage from those measures was greater than anything the virus could have inflicted on society. Studies from UC Berkeley and Massachusetts Institute of Technology both rammed a dagger into the heart of the reasons behind the lockdowns, with MIT noting that if resources were concentrated on protecting the most vulnerable instead of forcing healthy people to stay inside, twice as many people could have been saved. 

Also, these so-called “medical experts” and the liberal media did a fine job destroying the credibility of these lockdowns during the George Floyd riots. No mentioning of COVID or social distancing during that fiasco for two-to-three weeks. In fact, many of these clowns endorsed the protests that quickly devolved into mayhem across the country. Stay inside, unless it’s something out of moral urgency which can also be used to attack the Trump White House. Yeah, sure, Jan. The propaganda was exposed. The lockdowns are effectively over. We’re not going back inside. And now, Canada’s medical expert class agrees. They want a "balanced response"

The undersigned represent current and past leaders in public health, health care systems and academia.  We are writing to you to with our thoughts regarding a balanced approach to dealing with COVID-19  We strongly believe that population health and equity are important considerations that must be applied to future decisions regarding pandemic management. 

The current approach to dealing with COVID-19 carries significant risks to overall population health and threatens to increase inequities across the country.  Aiming to prevent or contain every case of COVID-19 is simply no longer sustainable at this stage in the pandemic.  We need to accept that COVID-19 will be with us for some time and to find ways to deal with it.  

The current and proposed measures for reopening will continue to disproportionately impact lower income groups, Black and other racialized groups, recent immigrants to Canada, Indigenous peoples and other populations.  And it risks significantly harming our children, particularly the very young, by affecting their development, with life-long consequences in terms of education, skills development, income and overall health.  

Canada must work to minimize the impact of COVID-19 by using measures that are practical, effective and compatible with our values and sense of social justice.  We need to focus on preventing deaths and serious illness by protecting the vulnerable while enabling society to function and thrive.

Elimination of COVID-19 is not a practical objective for Canada until we have a vaccine. While there is hope for a vaccine to be developed soon, we must be realistic about the time it will actually take to develop and evaluate it and then deliver an immunization campaign covering the entire population.  We cannot sustain universal control measures indefinitely.  

We need to accept that there will be cases and outbreaks of COVID-19.  We need localized control measures that are risk-based.  We should consistently reassess quarantine and isolation periods, recommendations for physical distancing and non-medical masks, and travel restrictions based on current best evidence and levels of risk.

At the same time we must improve infection prevention and control in long-term care and congregate living settings.  We should provide support for people living in the community who need to or choose to isolate when the disease is active, as well as those who have been adversely affected by COVID-19, or the consequences of the public health measures.  

Canadians have developed a fear of COVID-19.  Going forward, they have to be supported in understanding their true level of risk, and learning how to deal with this disease, while getting on with their lives – back to work, back to school, and back to healthy lives and vibrant, active communities across this country. 

We acknowledge the heroic work that has been done in recent months by many across all levels of government and the public and private sector, and the sacrifices that Canadians have made to get to this stage.  As we look forward, Canada must balance its response to COVID-19.  

Yeah, it seems like the approach we take when it comes to the seasonal flu, which does have outbreaks, some years are worse than others, but maybe we just have to get used to the fact that tens of thousands of people will die from it every year—just like the flu. With each passing day, new data undercuts what we’ve been told. The experts doling out panic and preventative measures about something they don’t know anything about is the very definition of malpractice. Even now, it seems pretty obvious that COVID spikes in the country are due to the mass protesting, but the media would rather blame red states. Please, ignore the Acela Corridor which is still a COVID-infested wasteland.