Here's The Ironic Racial Issue at Some Black Lives Matter Protests That's Making Some of Its Activists Wary

Posted: Jun 29, 2020 12:57 PM
Here's The Ironic Racial Issue at Some Black Lives Matter Protests That's Making Some of Its Activists Wary

Source: AP Photo/Ted S. Warren

I mean, are we shocked? Look at where the protests are prevalent. Cities are where the urban professional elite reign supreme. It is where white guilt antics are prevalent. It’s where the political correctness police, like ISIS’ religious police, scour the neighborhoods targeting what they consider problematic behavior. It’s an area where this mob has looted and vandalized for the past three weeks. The death of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25 set off this powder keg. Now, not only is Black Lives Matter resurgent, Antifa and other anarchist groups are also creating mayhem. The statues are now being targeted, as are the police, and the legions of the ‘woke’ who have been quietly mobilizing let their presence known in media and the sciences. The latter was especially key, as it gave ‘expert opinion’ backing regarding the trashing of social distancing protocols that the rest of us had been adhering to for months.  If you’re a liberal, you can be free. If you want to re-open your business to feed your family, you’re a selfish bastard. But that’s a rant for another time.

Given that white liberals dominate the areas of protest activity, Black Lives Matter now faces an ironic, though not entirely surprising problem: there are too many white folks at the protests. And by that, I mean, like some of these demonstrations are 60 percent white according to some studies. Some BLM leaders said they felt unsafe because they were so outnumbered, one had to go as far as to shut one planned BLM protest down because it was organized by whites who were offering mixed messages. White liberals are co-opting a movement that is supposedly for the advocacy of the rights of people of color, specifically black Americans. This is very problematic. Once again, we have white liberals invading black spaces. Do these people have no shame (via NYT) [emphasis mine]:

Still, some black protesters and activists expressed ambivalence about the shift.

Opal Tometi, 35, a co-founder of Black Lives Matter, called the outpouring “beautiful,” but she added, “I have minor trepidation, like most, that this could end up being a trend.”

“When the social media posts die down, will the actions and people’s conviction for change die down too? ” she said in written responses to questions. “I have been waiting for this moment since I was 12 years old as the only Black kid on the block. I’ve always known I’ve been a part of something bigger than myself. I didn’t know how it would unfold, but here we are.”

Anthony Beckford, president of Black Lives Matter Brooklyn, recalled being at a protest in Brooklyn and feeling uneasy about the large numbers of white people who had shown up.

“I looked around and I was like: ‘I feel outnumbered. Is my life in danger?’” said Mr. Beckford, 38, who added that he feared that some of the protesters were white nationalists infiltrating the march.

He said he and his friends have had to tell some white protesters that they could not just show up and take over.


Two young white people new to the movement tried to organize a protest in Bay Ridge that Mr. Beckford found out about from other white people. He said he shut it down. “Their messaging was, ‘Yes, black lives matter, and police lives matter, too.’ I was, like, no. You can think of the ‘Kumbaya’ moment when we get our mission accomplished,” he said.

Research does seem to confirm black protesters’ sense that they have been joined for the first time at demonstrations against police brutality by large numbers of white protesters.

One study of the Floyd protests on one weekend this month found overwhelmingly young crowds, with large numbers of white and highly educated people. White protesters made up 61 percent of those surveyed in New York, according to the researchers, and 65 percent of protesters in Washington. In Los Angeles, 53 percent of protesters were white.

Yeah, we have potential internal strife brewing here. It’s surely going to be entertaining watching lefty factions attack one another within their whacko political correctness ethos. But alas, these are their rules. It sure seems in some parts of the country, the white liberals are taking over. This cannot be allowed to stand. *

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*I’m being sarcastic of course. LOL