A Lefty Mob Trespassed on Their Property, But a St. Louis Couple Knew What to Use to Deter Them

Posted: Jun 29, 2020 1:20 AM
A Lefty Mob Trespassed on Their Property, But a St. Louis Couple Knew What to Use to Deter Them

Source: AP Photo/Elaine Thompson

Oh, this is going to be discussed in the liberal media. CNN’s Don Lemon is bound to bring it up. MSNBC should go nuts over this clip as well. If they don’t, then they’re certainly losing their credibility within the ‘woke’ community. How dare this couple in St. Louis protect their home and their lives as a lefty mob trespass on their property. They will probably be trashed as racists. This will once again be used to peddle the myth that the Second Amendment is only for white people. And there will be smug shots at this couple as the perfect encapsulation of Trump’s America: paranoid, bigoted, and small-minded—all of which is trash. But you can just hear it coming like an F-5 tornado. If a freak out doesn’t occur, then these outlets are a disgrace by not allowing their Trump-deranged audiences to reach full froth by refusing to discuss this incident. They’re supposed to say 24/7 how deplorable we are; why would they bury this? We’ll find out soon enough and if they do touch upon this, the fireworks will be epic. 

Who’s ready for a liberal lecture about how ‘this isn’t who we are’ from the same clowns who excused or defended these lefty agitators for looting, vandalizing, committing arson, and assaulting cops. There is nothing like a lecture so lacking in self-awareness from a group of people who are nothing but a representation of the inherent rot of American liberalism. Apparently, these lefty clowns were marching to St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson’s house after she read the names and addresses of locals who supported defunding the police (via NY Post):

A married couple brandished firearms at a group of protesters who marched through their upscale St. Louis neighborhood on Sunday night on their way to the home of Mayor Lyda Krewson.

The male homeowner stood barefoot on his Renaissance-style porch in the Central West End neighborhood while carrying a semi-automatic weapon at around 6 p.m. local time, while his wife pointed a pistol at the gathering.

The couple confronted the group of about 300 protesters after they broke down a gate in the neighborhood, according to a local NBC affiliate.


The protesters were en route to Mayor Krewson’s home to demand her resignation after she released names and addresses of residents who suggested defunding the police department, the report said.

The couple’s “Midwestern palazzo” home was featured in St. Louis Magazine in August 2018 after they completed a major renovation.

Yeah, again, this is called trespassing. It’s illegal. After days of seeing anarchy and chaos engulfing America’s cities after the officer-involved fatality of George Floyd ion May 25, there’s no wonder why law-abiding Americans are lining up to buy guns and ammo. The police are overwhelmed. They can’t help everyone. With mayhem taking over the streets at night, it’s no wonder why gun purchases have gone through the roof—and it’s not just conservatives lining out the doors of gun shops. The spike actually began during the coronavirus outbreak, but Floyd certainly injected steroids into the trend. 

Again, what this couple did was indelibly American. It’s no different than the rooftop Koreans who protected their slice of the American dream from destructive mobs during the L.A. Riots, an event so chaotic that it took the military to restore order. No help was coming, so Korean-language radio pretty gave a call to arms to the community to grab their guns and protect their businesses during this period. 

This mob is violent. We’ve seen that; this couple’s reaction is not over-the-top. Only a show of force will deter these creeps.