NY Post Wrecks Liberal Hypocrisy Over Coronavirus Now That George Floyd Riots Have Subsided

Posted: Jun 16, 2020 2:45 PM

Maybe it was never a big deal. Yes, coronavirus is real. It’s contagious, but was it really an existential threat? In late March and April, it seemed it could be serious as the cases mounted, and the death toll shot through the roof. The markets crashed and we all were told to stay home to flatten the curve and keep medical workers from being overwhelmed. Two not so crazy goals that got perverted by Democrats who then decided that we should stay inside until we have a vaccine, not possible. And that move came when the death toll was dropping, and the curve was flattened. Most of the country was able to re-open when the Trump White House issued the new guidelines, but these were red states. The blue states were still infested so in an effort to shield Democratic leaders from looking like total clowns, the media shaming of those who dared to reopen or go outside began. In the end, these states were supposed to be awash with bodies. That was false. Florida was supposed to be like Italy. Not true. And then, George Floyd died while being arrested by Minneapolis Police on May 25.

All of a sudden, it was okay to go outside. The moral urgency of the issue of racism and police brutality means you got a pass. This is typical liberal nonsense. There is no principled core here. Anything that can hurt Trump is permissible, of course. So, social distancing, staying at home, doing it for the medical workers, not being selfish, etc., that all got trashed in about two weeks. These so-called experts are finished. There is really no reason why we should ever listen to them again. Some of you already knew this, but it looks like we’ve all been had given the rapid 180-degree turn on this issue. Why? Well, racism is apparently just as pressing and deadly as the virus. That’s ridiculous, and you don’t need a medical degree to diagnose that this is ‘woke’ political commentary masked as expert advice. The medical community had been infiltrated and infected by political correctness and the hyper-left-wing. There are no medical experts, just progressive operatives who spew nonsense that’s mostly seen on CNN and MSNBC. 

The lockdowns are over. And even if there is a spike in new COVID cases, don’t go back inside. For starters, any new outbreaks are going to be because the so-called experts told folks it was okay to protest at mass gatherings across the country. Again, it will be centered in blue states, especially along the Acela Corridor and the Tri-State area. If containment is now a new focus with some folks, then it will be hard because in some places, like New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio’s edict on contact tracing doesn’t permit officials to ask new COVID patients if they attended mass demonstrations recently. If that’s how we’re going to do this, then this virus was never a big deal. The New York Post roasted comrade Bill and company for their hypocrisy, adding that if there is a new lockdown order, no one is going to obey, nor should they after this circus act:

“We have received 25,000 complaints of reopening violations,” Cuomo tweeted on Sunday, mainly from Manhattan and the Hamptons.

“Lots of violations of social distancing, parties in the street, restaurants and bars ignoring laws.”

“Enforce the law or there will be state action,” the governor warned.

“Bars or restaurants that violate the law can lose their liquor license.”

Cuomo bragged that he personally called some businesses he saw on the news to chastise them. Hmm. How about the organizers of the hundreds of people who marched through the city, gathered in parks, lay down in Times Square? Did he show such concern?


“‘Extraordinarily dangerous’: Trump rally draws grave concerns from top health officials,” blared an NBC News headline on Sunday. Yet its piece on the Brooklyn protests — which didn’t even mention the pandemic once — had a headline with a markedly different tone: “Rally for Black trans lives draws packed crowd to Brooklyn Museum plaza.”

The obvious distinction is that reporters and editors see the protests as speech they support — and Trump rallies as anything but.


The double standard is obvious, and erodes the trust of the public who admirably adhered to this era-changing lockdown. Why believe anything the governor, the mayor or the media tell you when they set one rule for certain people and one rule for others?

Cuomo can order new lockdowns if he likes, but the public isn’t going to obey.

In their own overzealousness, the so-called experts torched their own profession because ‘orange man…bad.’ They destroyed their village in order to save it. Absolutely reckless and stupid is all I have to say. Then again, I wouldn’t expect anything less from an American liberal. Sorry, clowns—the lockdowns are over. And we don’t really care what you have to say anymore. 

Shut. Up.