CNN Jim Acosta's Facepalm-Worthy Moment At Trump's Presser Today

Posted: Jun 05, 2020 5:45 PM
CNN Jim Acosta's Facepalm-Worthy Moment At Trump's Presser Today

Source: Screenshot via CNN

Dear lord, is CNN’s Jim Acosta trolling or just that dense? Today was a great day for America and a disastrous one for liberals in America. We had a solid jobs report. People are getting back to work and if there is one thing that Democrats hate more than Trump, it is people working. Okay, that’s not fair—but they do hate people working. Over two million new jobs were created, blowing away the dismal projection of a near-eight million job loss for the month. The news shot the markets through the stratosphere, with the Dow Jones soaring past 27,000 on the index. We’re on the road to recovery, and that means Democrats are in total mourning. 

Yet, there is one area they’re trying to weaponize against the president: the George Floyd riots. Floyd was killed on May 25 after being placed under arrest by the Minneapolis police for reportedly using a fake $20 bill. Officer Derek Chauvin handcuffed him, laid him on the ground, face down, and then kept his knee on the back of Floyd’s neck for nearly 10 minutes. Floyd died as a result, but not before pleading with the officer that he couldn’t breathe. Chauvin was fired and charged with second-degree murder. The three other officers were also fired and charged with aiding and abetting murder. It’s an outrage. The nation was united in that outrage, everyone condemned the police over this outrageous use of force, but that’s been undercut by the rampant looting, rioting, vandalism, and violence against police in our cities.

Oh, and during this period of unrest, the coronavirus lockdowns ended. Yeah, you see, you were a selfish bastard for wanting to reopen your business to feed your family. Now, you’re no better than the Ku Klux Klan if you don’t get out there to protest racism. The health experts have signed off on it. Oh, and the difference between the reopen protests and the George Floyd protests, besides the latter being a chaotic buffet of wanton destruction, is that the former was grounded in white nationalism or something. These are from so-called health experts. No, they’re just social justice workers with white lab coats. We’ve been had.

So, because of that new edict from the medical community, it’s just a bit entertaining to see CNN’s Jim Acosta observe the lack of social distancing at the president’s presser on the jobs report this morning:

Jim, everyone and their mother has watched on your network, or elsewhere—probably elsewhere because no one watches CNN except for us because we have to—the rioting that has engulfed the country. Social distancing? Were you asleep all last week, sir? Everyone is gathering en masse to protest white supremacy, to advocate for the destruction of law enforcement, and a slew of other lunatic ideas conjured up by the far-Left.

We have medical workers in full protective gear clapping the protesters as they march on by, which perfectly illustrates the contradictory position the Left has crashed into on this front. Whatever happened to staying at home and saving lives? Well, racism is just as bad as COVID apparently, except that it’s not. The crazy progressives that have made higher education a mockery and almost unlivable for those who don’t cave and drink the Blood of Kali have graduated. Some were in the sciences and they’ve taken their trash political views with them. It’s really a mindset to think that because you’re protesting racism or police brutality, you’re now cleared to go outside by these clowns, impervious to infection because “orange man…bad.”

These are the people who drove fear into our hearts. They’re no better than the idiots that dominate CNN and MSNBC. And with this 180-degree turn, they’ve not only blown up their credibility, they just gave a huge in-kind contribution to the Trump 2020 campaign. People’s livelihoods were lost, but now it’s fine to go outside because…there’s a protest? Really? Mute the experts. And if there’s a second wave of COVID, and there’s even doubt on that front, ignore them. Just ignore them. They’re 15 minutes of lying are up. They’re 15 minutes of advocacy for the Democratic Party is up. They’re not experts, they’re operatives for the Left.


UPDATE: Yeah, it wasn't just Acosta--typical (via Newsbusters):

The White House press corps (and like-minded individuals) made a fool out of themselves on Friday, flipping out over how their lives were “put in jeopardy” by being seated closer than six feet apart for President Trump’s Rose Garden remarks while, on the other hand, eagerly promoting massive, nationwide protests for Black Lives Matter.

White House Correspondents Association president and ABC chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl led the way, tweeting after Trump’s remarks that the seating was “a flagrant violation of CDC guidelines on social distancing and a move that puts reporters at risk for the purpose of turning the press corps into a prop for a so-called ‘press conference.’”

Jim Acosta and Yamiche Alcindor were among other triggered White House reporters while others retweeted Karl.

After Karl’s tweet, he released a statement on behalf of the WHCA that showed reporters will go to the mat for their own seating, but not lecture and shame protesters for not socially distancing...

Predictably, CNN treated the seating arrangement like a crime against humanity, covering it four times on Friday afternoon.