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AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Joe Biden lecturing black voters, declaring they “ain’t black” if they don’t support him is nothing new. The man has diarrhea of the mouth and it’s landed him in trouble many times. There is nothing richer than an old white guy telling what blackness is to black voters. There is nothing more entertaining than this guy, responsible for the 1994 crime bill that locked up scores of black Americans, thinking he can be a voice of reason on racial issues. Black activists already know Biden’s shoddy record on this; it’s no secret. Yet, let’s talk about China for a second.


First, you all remember these unbelievable remarks, where the former vice president said that Trump was too soft on China. Then, this guy has the stones to call for moral leadership in a speech in Philadelphia about the ongoing unrest over the tragic death of George Floyd (via ABC News):

Biden, who held his first in-person campaign event in over two months Monday in Wilmington, Delaware, hearing from members of the African American community about their priorities in the wake of Floyd’s death, also emphasized that the protests, coupled with the disproportionate impact the coronavirus pandemic has had on minority communities, highlight the need to address systemic racial injustices.

“They speak to a nation where too often just the color of your skin puts your life at risk. They speak to a nation where more than 100,000 people have lost their lives to a virus and 40 million Americans have filed for unemployment – with a disproportionate number of these deaths and job losses concentrated in the black and minority communities,” he said, calling it a ‘wake up call’ for the country.

“It's time to listen to those words, to try to understand them. To respond to them, respond with action. The country is crying out for leadership. Leadership that can unite us, leadership that brings us together. Leadership that can recognize pain and deep grief of communities that have had a knee on their neck for a long time,” Biden said.


In a speech carried live by all three cable news networks, Biden implored all Americans to take a moment of self-reflection in the wake of the unrest that has upended the nation just as some states began to finally emerge from the brutal toll of the coronavirus pandemic.

“[Trump’s] narcissism has become more important than the nation's well-being that he leads. I ask every American, I mean this from the bottom of my heart, I ask every American, look at where we are now and think anew, is this who we are?” Biden asked.

No, but it’s certainly what the Left has become: unhinged, violent, and incapable of hearing different points of view. Biden also mentioned the visit Trump made to St. John’s Church which was set on fire by rioters. He peddled the lie that tear gas was used to disperse activists who had gathered outside of the defensive barricades near the White House. 


I mean, I have to hand it to, Joe. He made this speech without stumbling. The same could not be said for when he visited China under the Obama presidency and pretty much endorsed their brutal policies. It was so bad that even The Washington Post’s editorial board trashed him in August of 2011:

Vice President Biden has emphatically backed away from his apparent endorsement of China’s one-child policy. But he made another statement during his recent trip to China, on human rights, that also caught our eye.

The one-child remark was off the cuff. Mr. Biden was answering questions from an audience at Sichuan University in Chengdu on Sunday, and the subject was entitlement spending.

“Your policy has been one which I fully understand — I’m not second-guessing — of one child per family,” the vice president said. “The result being that you’re in a position where one wage earner will be taking care of four retired people. Not sustainable.”


In his prepared speech to the same audience, which focused on the need for U.S.-Chinese understanding and cooperation, Mr. Biden briefly touched on human rights. His preamble to the topic unwisely bought into official Chinese views.

“Maybe the biggest difference in our respective approaches are our approaches to what we refer to as human rights,” Mr. Biden said.  “I recognize that many of you in this auditorium see our advocacy of human rights as at best an intrusion, and at worst an assault on your sovereignty.”

There are a couple of misreadings there. Human rights are universal, enshrined by the United Nations, subscribed to (in theory) by China and every other U.N. member. They’re not something “we refer to as human rights”: They are human rights, and they’re the same rights no matter where you live.


Well, the one-child policy is brutally enforced through sterilization and forced abortion, which the publication noted. Yes, there was damage control, but it once again undercuts another major Biden campaign rallying cry regarding “moral leadership.” Then again, Biden is a Democrat whose party has an affinity for abortion. So, yes, let’s reflect on Biden, the would-be moral leader of our country, who endorsed China’s brutal policies, was behind the crime bill that led to countless black Americans being locked up, and to top it off; has declared he would crush charter schools if elected. Yeah, nothing says moral leader than cozying up with China’s atrocious agenda, locking up minorities, and then telling them he’ll keep generations of them in crappy school districts. 

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has made progress on criminal justice reform and black unemployment reached its lowest ever under Trump. In fact, unemployment for all Americans, off all racial groups, men, and women, reached record lows. When you think of economic recovery ad growth, voters think Trump, not Joe Biden who probably needs a Post-it note that reminds him to put pants on every day. 


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