Graphic Video: Rioters Brutally Beat Man in Portland, Kick Him So Hard Teeth Are Left on the Road

Posted: Jun 02, 2020 1:05 PM

WARNING: The post contains graphic violence and language

First, let's step back. We don't know what caused this horrible display of violence. Obviously, he upset these lefty activists, and these folks will attack. We've seen this before. A man was nearly beaten to death in Dallas, Texas. He was armed with a sword reportedly protecting local businesses. That's fine. But when you're one guy versus a dozen or so, it's probably not the best idea to charge into the crowd. Luckily, he was okay but severely injured—but the video literally looked as if it had captured a murder. Elijah Schaffer of The Blaze caught this act of violence, plus shared another in Portland that's brutal to watch. In Dallas, Schaffer later tweeted that he left the area since things were becoming too intense. The Portland video of this head kicking incident was captured by Brandan Farley.

This Portland video shows a man attacked by lefty activists, though I'm sure Antifa is in the mix. He tries to run away but is chased down and then kicked in the head. Blood and teeth are left in the street. One person could be heard calling the man a "f*ggot." Black Lives Matter activists come to his aid, but also give him a lecture. Our sister site PJ Media has more:

We come into the video after the victim of this horrific attack, who admitted taking a swing at a Black Lives Matter or antifa protester, was beaten in retaliation by protesters.

He was chased, knocked over and kicked in the head. He had at least one tooth kicked out of his head. The sound of the shoe hitting his skull is sickening.

As one woman said off camera, “You knocked his motherf*cking ass down.”


She and two other black women mopped up the man’s bloody face while bystanders yelled, “You shouldn’t be running your mouth off like that!” and “Running your mouth get you f**ked up, man!”

The man, clearly dazed and who needed to go to a hospital emergency room, said “Thank you” in true Stockholm Syndrome fashion as the rioters and their wingmen moved on to continue their violence.

Again, I don't know what caused this, but with how these rioters have acted, it's best to just extricate yourself from any situation in which they try to confront you. I'm glad this guy is okay. However, we're dealing with crazy people who have no qualms about inflicting violence on those who they view as enemies. Just watch your six if you're covering these events.

Farley also captured another incident where he tweeted that a woman tried to get a photo of these folks for her blog. They chased her away, and then they approached Farley and dropped the N-word. Yeah, a white guy calling another white guy the n-word. That's progressive America. That's a liberal city that's whiter than Wonder Bread thinking it's okay to use such language because they're on the right side or something. It's just interesting seeing these progressives thinking they have these imaginary passes on racial language.

All of this chaos was sparked by the death of George Floyd, who died at the hands of the Minneapolis Police. All four officers were fired. Ex-Officer Derek Chauvin, who knelt on the back of Floyd's neck for nearly ten minutes, which killed him, was also booked on third-degree murder and manslaughter charges. Everyone was outraged over this incident, but the rioting has led to a call for law and order to be restored. Scores of businesses have been vandalized, looted, or set on fire. The anarchy has to end, but before it does, a lot more cities are going to burn.