GRAPHIC WARNING: Man Reportedly Trying to Defend a Local Business Savagely Beaten By Rioters in Dallas

Posted: May 31, 2020 12:01 AM

[WARNING: This post contains graphic violence]

We’re experiencing another night of rioting. It’s getting nasty. People are starting to get hurt. Scores of local businesses across the country have been destroyed. These establishments were already pinched by the coronavirus lockdowns. Now, they’ve been burned down by rioters exploiting the death of George Floyd who died under police custody in Minneapolis. Floyd was arrested for a nonviolent crime, false documents. He was apprehended, placed in handcuffs, and then ex-Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin knelt on the back of his neck for nearly ten minutes. Floyd cried out that he couldn’t breathe. He later died. All four officers were fired, with Chauvin being arrested on third-degree murder and manslaughter charges. 

Yet, that wasn’t enough. Protests have erupted across the country and scores of rioters are using this incident to inflict destruction on a massive scale. The Blaze TV’s Elijah Schaffer was covering the riots in Dallas. It appears he extricated himself from the area, as it was getting way too dangerous, but not before capturing a man who appeared to be attempting to defend a local business get brutally beaten by a mob. Initially, it looked as if we were witnesses to a murder. Schaffer called emergency services for the man, who is alive but gravely injured. He was stomped on, hit with rocks, and one man hit him with his skateboard. Schaffer, citing what he calls his reliable source, also reported that the FBI is on the scene as well. We’ll circle back on that, but for now—it’s chaos across the country.

The leadership in Minneapolis, the epicenter for the slew of riots erupting across the country, is pathetic. Jacob Frey, the mayor of Minneapolis, actually doled out a PSA to the rioters, telling them not to forget—you ready for this—the COVID social distancing guidelines. Gov. Tim Walz tried to blame white supremacists for the chaos and violence, a claim that the Minneapolis Department of Public Safety could not confirm. It’s a mess. You give the mob an inch, and they will vandalize, loot, and burn up to 700 miles or more. This ‘giving these left-wing mobs space to destroy’ is the lawlessness addiction exhibited by members of the Democratic Party. And people wonder why Republicans are more trusted on security and maintaining law and order. This is madness.

Floyd’s death is a tragedy. It’s horrific. There should be protests, but we’re long past that point now. It’s a riot. And with every passing day, Floyd’s vicious end is being lost in the wanton destruction caused by these lefty mobs. Officer Chauvin should be charged. The other three officers should face charges as well and they probably will in due time. I’m a law and order conservative. I tend to side with law enforcement in most matters, as the evidence usually justifies whatever use of force incident the media harps on in an attempt to blame President Trump. But this was murder. It’s all on video.

Floyd was in handcuffs. He was apprehended. He didn’t have to die. It was a forgery charge, for God’s sake. It’s an outrage. But every night a city is burned to the ground, it just tarnishes his memory and closes the window to use this ghastly homicide as a means to bring some changes. Law enforcement in this area has issues. We have Floyd, Justine Damond, who was shot and killed after calling 911, and Philando Castile, a law-abiding concealed carry holder who was shot and killed by police in Falcon Heights, a suburb of the Twin Cities. 

That gets less attention when the mob destroys and in this case, nearly beats a man to death in full view of the public. 


UPDATE: We have footage from another angle showing the man beaten savagely was armed with a sword. He did go after some of the rioters, who pelted him with rocks beforehand. When he made that move to go after the rioters, he was overwhelmed and beaten up badly. It still looks like his intention was to defend the storefront. It was not a smart move and he was nearly killed because of it. Schaffer uploaded the new footage: