ICYMI: One State Is Starting to Re-Open And There's an Obvious Reason Why the Liberal Media Isn't Freaking Out

Posted: May 18, 2020 2:05 PM
ICYMI: One State Is Starting to Re-Open And There's an Obvious Reason Why the Liberal Media Isn't Freaking Out

Source: AP Photo/David Zalubowski

It's a mystery wrapped in a riddle, right? Commentary's Noah Rothman also observed this, with his sarcastic comments concerning why Denver's stay-at-home order expiring hasn't caused mass panic from the liberal media.

For days, states that haven't been hit too hard by the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak have started to re-open some aspects of their state economy, as they should. We've flattened the curve, which was the original reason behind the stay-at-home order. Mission accomplished, now it's time to get this economy back to running normally again. Vaccine trials have proven to be successful, with one test from Moderna showing that it created coronavirus antibodies in its test subjects. The company hopes to have a mass clinical trial by July. In the meantime, the Dow Jones has shot through the roof based on this news today.

And yet, there are a lot of elements within the news media that are peddling the sky is falling narrative. It's not. It's time to re-open. And Denver is following the same protocols as the other states that are re-opening. It'll be in phases. The order for the city expired on May 8 (via CBS Denver):

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock talked about next steps as the city transitions out of the stay-at-home order that expires …Restaurants and bars will remain closed except for delivery, curbside takeout or pickup.


The following businesses can reopen under certain guidelines: offices, retail businesses, hair and nail salons, tattoo parlors, pet groomers. Those businesses must maintain a 50% capacity or 10 or fewer people. Those services are by appointment only, no walk-ins are allowed.

Chiropractors, eye doctors, real estate and college campuses can reopen with protective measures in place. Those include temperature checks, 6-feet distancing, face coverings for employees and customers to keep them safe.

What will remain closed are restaurants, bars, movie theatres, stadiums and arenas, gyms, yoga studios and malls where the stores don’t have outside entrances, city recreation centers and libraries.

“As per state’s order, large gatherings above or more than 10 people will still be prohibited through May 26,” said Hancock.

This is pretty common sense to start. It's also what other states that are not named New Jersey and New York are adopting as they re-open, and yet these people are terrible. They could cause a spike in new infections, and there is a disgusting tinge of hope that would happen as if to validate the insufferable coastal bias that permeates the liberal media. Remember, these people believe that the coasts, the urban areas, the Acela Corridor, is all the matters. Well, those areas are infested with COVID. New York City is the reason why there was a nationwide outbreak, thanks to the incompetent and reckless response from Democratic politicians. These are the philosopher-kings, the ones who know how to runs things. Well, their areas are loaded with the infected, and the dying and the Republican states aren't nearly as hard hit. There cannot be a narrative where the red states are making more progress on re-opening than blue ones. That's an obvious reason, which also explains why Colorado's initial steps to re-opening aren't being met with the same level of disgust. First, the mayor of Denver is black, so you cannot attack him. Second, Colorado has a Democratic governor. If anything, the Democrat-media complex should be touting this, but the risk of being flanked for their hypocrisy is too great.

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