CNN’s Cuomo Lecture on ‘Fools’ Easing on Social Distancing Showcases Bias Against Red States

Posted: May 06, 2020 3:05 AM

CNN’s Chris Cuomo has recovered from his Wuhan coronavirus infection. He’s back in the studio for the first time in a month. While it is well that he’s on the mend, his commentary portion of his show last night showcased bias and hypocrisy on a rather impressive scale. Yes, we all know CNN is liberal. It’s biased against Trump. We all know that, but it’s an explicit example concerning the coronavirus outbreak and red states. This virus has impacted the Democratic bastions of America. It will take longer for them to start easing social distancing protocols. Sorry, New York City is the epicenter for the US-based outbreak, as is the greater tri-state area. That’s not the case for states like Idaho or Oklahoma. There is no red state hotspot. There is no rural surge in COVID cases. It’s fake news. It’s panic porn. It’s a way for the Acela Corridor elite to feel better about themselves. It’s jealousy really. These states can and should start to re-open; the virus’ impact in terms of cases and death rate was not nearly as bad as New Jersey. Democratic governors and politicians are on the hot seat regarding how they respond. They need some breathing room, so their liberal media allies attack red states for beginning to re-open. 

We discussed this yesterday. As Steve Krakauer, a former CNN producer noted, Oklahoma has had fewer deaths than Washington D.C. and it has five times the population. Oklahoma can start phase one of re-opening. And no, it’s not racist. It’s not grounded in white supremacy. And no, re-opening doesn’t mean these states want black people to die. That’s how you know liberal America is just seething that the country bumpkins are the first crop regarding getting back on track to normalcy. It’s pathetic. 

Now, Cuomo didn’t go after red states directly, but it’s an offshoot of that when he lectured the “fools” who were breaking social distancing as the weather gets warmer. He feared we were rushing into this too fast; we don’t know if the 30 million laid-off can find work again, and touted the 3,000 daily death count by June 1, which was a panic porn media leak. We don’t know if that’s accurate. The models have been all over the place, and that figure was a draft, not an official sign off by Trump’s Wuhan coronavirus taskforce proper. But anything that makes this White House look bad will be published, and people wonder why the media’s credibility is in the toilet.

He closed by asking his viewers to ask what we are rushing back to regarding the lockdowns. It’s truly amazing. I supported the lockdowns and social distancing to avoid our health care system becoming overrun. Stop the spread and flatten the curve. It appears we have done that, with Gov. Cuomo even declaring that for hard-hit New York, the worst is over. The Big Apple still has a high amount of cases and deaths of course, but stabilization is being seen all over. 

We also knew that for scores of businesses and families, the indefinite lockdown was not an option. We cannot be cooped up until we have a vaccine. So, short-term pain for long term gain is what Trump decided to go with—and now we have guidelines for re-opening. And yes, sadly some businesses may never recover, big and small. If there is someone to blame, it’s China. Over half of the states meet those benchmarks. That’s a good thing. Re-opening was always going to be a state-by-state process, given the concentration of the cases. The point is if your state wasn’t hard hit and meets the criteria, it should re-open. People have to get back to work and feed their families in states that weren’t nuked by this pathogen in the way the East and West coasts were. When your family is hungry, that’s what you rush back to, Chris. You rush back to find means to support them. 

Supporting the lockdowns means knowing that a lot of nonsense was going to occur from these Democratic governors, who already had done a good job chipping away at certain rights before COVID. Are we really shocked that California, New Jersey, Michigan, and some states in New England went a tad overboard? No. But this was the situation. It is what it is. And the situation now is that blue states will probably have a slower re-opening. That’s a fact. What’s also a fact is that the Trump coronavirus task force at no point said that there will be no new cases when phase one starts in some cases. New infections might pop up, with the guidelines having to be re-tooled. So, that’s the other liberal media narrative that will surely be peddled out soon. The promise from the Trump White House that re-opening will not lead to any new cases. Just remember that’s fake news. Without a vaccine, this is always a risk, but Trump is optimistic we’ll have one by the end of the year. 

Also, to cap off Chris’ ‘you fool’ lecture on social distancing, didn’t he venture out while still infected with the virus? Yes, he did, as Guy wrote last week:

In short: CNN host Chris Cuomo, younger brother of the governor of the state hit hardest by the coronavirus, violated his quarantine while he was still symptomatic and contagious with the highly-transmissible virus. While doing so, he was accosted by a stranger. Days later, he "emerged" from quarantine in front of the cameras, as if his little adventure had never happened.


As a reminder, Cuomo reportedly got into his confrontation (which he discussed at length on his radio show at the time) approximately half an hour away from the home in which he was supposed to be quarantining. This was not his "backyard," it was a separate plot of land he owns. The fact that he was away from his quarantine home, in public view of a stranger pedaling past -- and apparently an unidentified woman who was not part of his immediate family -- means that he was in public

So, yes, there are “fools” here, Chris but I don’t think you’re the one to call them out. 

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