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Photo by Donald Traill/Invision/AP

The NFL Draft is over. And in the fifth round, the New England Patriots selected Justin Rohrwasser, a placekicker from Marshall University. This pick, however, was not met without controversy. Former ESPN rabble-rouser Jemele Hill smeared Rohrwasser as a white supremacist because of a Three Percenter tattoo. She also tweeted how Colin Kaepernick is still not playing. 

Well, that's pretty simple: Kaepernick sucks and he's his own worst enemy with his political correctness and anti-police nonsense. The same goes for Hill. She is known for calling Trump a white supremacist on Twitter for which she remains unapologetic, which put a microscope over the sports giant for its liberal bias for a few weeks. The political correctness nonsense there was made even more explicit when Hill wasn't fired for her tweet about the president, but longtime host Linda Cohn was suspended for suggesting that ESPN's subscription dip was due to the network becoming more political.

Hill is just insufferable. As New England Patriots owner Bob Kraft returned from China with one million medical masks, flown in on the Patriots' team plane, Hill thought it was critical to remind people that Kraft gave money to Trump. You see, only noble acts of charity can come from those who are against this president. Who thinks like this? Miserable people do. And unsurprisingly, that's most of liberal America. The sad fact about Hill's latest attack on the Patriots is that Rohrwasser caved and will remove the tattoo (ESPN):

New England Patriots rookie kicker Justin Rohrwasser told WBZ-TV in Boston on Monday that he will remove a tattoo on his arm associated with "The Three Percenters" -- a right-wing militia group -- because it doesn't represent who he is.

Rohrwasser, 23, said he was 18 when he got the tattoo.

"As soon as I saw what it was linked to on Saturday, it was exactly that time I knew I had to get it totally taken off my body," he said. "I said cover it up [to reporters], but I want to get it removed from my body. It's shameful that I had it on there ignorantly."


In the television interview Monday, he added, "It was described to me as the percentage of colonists that rose up against the government of the British. I was like, 'Wow, that is such an American sentiment, a patriotic sentiment.' Coming from a military family, I thought that really spoke to me. I always was proud to be an American. I'm very proud to be an American."

The funny thing is that the Three Percenters aren't racist in ideology. They may be more hardcore about Second Amendment rights and American civil liberties, but they're not an alt-right, neo-Nazi organization that Hill states in her tweet.

Also, as you'd expect, she isn't moved by Rohrwasser's decision to remove the tattoo.

So, while this isn't a huge story, Rohrwasser should learn one lesson from this episode: never cave to the social justice warrior crowd. Contrition is not what they want from you. They want to destroy you.

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