CNN’s Total Meltdown Over Trump’s Wuhan Coronavirus Presser Could Be Seen Coming from Their Antics Last Week

Posted: Apr 14, 2020 4:25 PM
CNN’s Total Meltdown Over Trump’s Wuhan Coronavirus Presser Could Be Seen Coming from Their Antics Last Week

Source: AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Yesterday was an epic day for Trump slapping down the fake news liberal press. The man knows how to troll. He knows how to get under their skin—and the thing is he’s still two or three moves ahead of the game. The media continues to fail in taking on this president directly. It’s a high entertainment value event. As Katie wrote, the president showed clips of what his administration did to curb the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus yesterday’s briefing, which sent more than a few journos off the cliff. There has been a narrative that the president didn’t do enough to prepare. Well, the video guts all of that and Julio covered the chaos here.

Yet, CNN’s blowup, which comes and goes like the seasonal flu, could be seen coming from their insanity spewed last week. This is a network that now complains that the pressers are a waste of time. No shocker that this announcement coincided with Trump’s all-time high approval numbers, especially his high marks in handling this outbreak.

CNN’s refusal to air the pressers led to this embarrassing interview Anderson Cooper had with Chuck Schumer. Cooper lamented how there was no timeline for when personal protection equipment will be allocated, which was actually covered during multiple pressers by members of the military. 

Then, Cooper had the hot take of saying that Trump was hijacking his own press conference. Perhaps, a mental health check should have been conducted for those at CNN headquarters at the time. CNN losing it because their coverage has been weaponized against them, and they’re not alone, by this White House—but vestiges that they were about to blow like Krakatoa yesterday were etched in stone since last week. 

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Now, we reset the clock for the next time they get slapped around by Trump and then complain about how their inaccurate, viciously anti-Trump coverage falls apart faster than you can say ‘Acosta.’

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