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CBS News is stepping on all the fake news rakes this week. First, the network aired misleading footage for its New York City Wuhan coronavirus story by broadcasting footage of an Italian hospital that was overrun with Wuhan coronavirus patients. Then, the network apologized and said it was an editing error before re-airing the same footage for a story about a hospital in Pennsylvania. CBS News then peddled another bogus story about a nurse who quit her job due to a lack of personal protection equipment, which was not vetted at all. And now, we have remarks being cut for national broadcasts that added context to the recent Wisconsin primary.

First, let’s say these elections were a mess. They were on, and at the last minute, Democratic Gov. Tony Evers backtracked which set off a legal fight that he ultimately lost (via CBS News):

Voters around Wisconsin traveled to the polls on Tuesday in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. Tuesday's voting comes after days of legal battles over challenges to the election and some state leaders declining to take action to move the election day, as many other states have done. 

Voters in Milwaukee, and some in other parts of the state, waited in long lines to cast their ballots. Many voters and election workers donned masks for protection and tried to maintain social distancing while waiting in line.


On Monday, Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers made a Hail Mary attempt to suspend in-person voting until June by executive order, but the move was challenged by GOP legislative leaders and blocked by the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Evers blasted the decision, saying voters were forced "to choose between exercising their right to vote and staying healthy and safe." He echoed those concerns on Tuesday, but called voters and election workers heroes. 

"Although I remain deeply concerned about the public health implications of voting in-person today, I am overwhelmed by the bravery, resilience, and heroism of those who are defending our democracy by showing up to vote, working the polls, and reporting on this election," Evers said in a statement on Tuesday.

Most of the piece dealt with the health risks associated with voting at this time, which is fair since scores of people were vulnerable to contracting the Wuhan virus by venturing out to the polls on Tuesday. One woman, RoseMary Oliveira, wasn’t going to be deterred, however (via CBS 58) [Relevant portion in the video starts at 1:29 mark]:

Despite health concerns, many voters said they felt they needed to do their civic duty. At Milwaukee's Riverside High School, people lined up before the polls opened at 7 a.m. 


"I have food, I have water, I have a lawnchair, I have a mask," RoseMary Oliveira said. "I have to come down here today and risk my life to vote and I'm happy to do it because that is my right... I'm here, they're not going to stop me from voting."

The local CBS station aired Oliveira’s full remark, but the CBS Evening News broadcast cut her off after she said, “I have to come down here today and risk my life,” leaving out the context that she, a brave soldier, was happily putting herself at risk because that’s how much her right to vote meant to her [relevant portion starts at 46-second mark]:

That doesn’t bode well if your narrative is to blame Republicans for this election mess, even though there seems to be a lot of blame to go around, especially at the governor’s office. Why did the national CBS broadcast muzzle, Oliveria? It’s truly a mystery wrapped in a riddle (sarc.). and people wonder why trust in the media is in the toilet. Sadly, I don't think this selective editing incident, or the fake news nurse, or the Italian hospital screw-up will lead to any action concerning accountability. They hate Trump too much.

And we all know that the media will go to any lengths to ensure their narrative is nurtured. And like other instances, they don't care if they get caught. So, please spare us the lectures about why we can't call them enemies of the people.

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