GOP Senator: Yes, China Killed Americans With Their Gross Incompetence Containing the Wuhan Coronavirus

Posted: Apr 02, 2020 4:45 PM
GOP Senator: Yes, China Killed Americans With Their Gross Incompetence Containing the Wuhan Coronavirus

Source: Xie Huanchi/Xinhua via AP

For some, blaming China for unleashing the Wuhan coronavirus upon the world doesn’t go far enough. China has cooked the books on its Wuhan coronavirus victims. The number of deaths is not to be believed. The number of infected is not to be believed. It’s much worse than what they’ve been doling out. With the World Health Organization in its pocket, they offered the international community a false sense of security when they told them that there was no evidence of human-to-human transmission. That was a lie, but China has the WHO’s director-general in its pocket, so it gave them some breathing room before this virus spread all over and body bags began to mount. China lied and people died. 

They discovered evidence of a pneumonia-like virus in December, but government officials ordered the samples to be destroyed. They strong-armed doctors trying to inform and warn the public, they kept medical crews in the dark and prevented doctors from reporting that they had new patients infected with this virus. And now, doctors who fired red flares are disappearing, as are the vloggers who had been documenting what was going on at local hospitals. 

For, Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL), punishment must be rendered for China’s gross incompetence, saying their actions killed Americans. Scott was on our own Larry O’Connor’s podcast yesterday afternoon, where he also said it might be time to find ways in which we never have to buy something from China ever again (via Washington Examiner):


Appearing on Larry O’Connor’s Examining Politics podcast for the Washington Examiner and Washington's top talk station, WMAL, he said that China should be punished for hiding details of the virus from the world and that it should come as an economic hit.

“First off, if you ever buy anything made in China, you should say to yourself, ‘You are supporting a government that intentionally misled us, and American citizens died.’ Why would we ever do that?” said Scott, whose state is getting hammered by the virus.


“Their actions killed American citizens. Their actions, no question, killed American citizens, Italian citizens,” said Scott, who has proposed legislation to build a U.S. stockpile of anti-virus goods and equipment that the China supplies.

As of today, there are over 230,000 Americans infected with the Wuhan coronavirus, with over 5,700 deaths. This is China’s fault.