Why Ilhan Omar's New Marriage Looks Like an Ethics Nightmare

Posted: Mar 12, 2020 11:45 AM
Why Ilhan Omar's New Marriage Looks Like an Ethics Nightmare

Source: AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

Well, if you’re going to announce this, you might as well drop it during the night of President Trump’s address on the Wuhan Virus. Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has married the lefty political operative, Tim Mynett, whom she denied dating. Mynett also received hundreds of thousands of dollars from Omar’s campaign. The two were reportedly carrying out an affair, which The New York Post reported on in September of 2019:

Rep. Ilhan Omar’s alleged lover Tim Mynett has denied bombshell allegations that he left his wife for the Somali-born representative — accusing wife Beth Mynett in a counterclaim of waging a campaign to “ruin his career” after he left their unhappy marriage.

The DC political consultant, who has been working for Omar, denied accusations leveled by his physician wife in her divorce filing that he was having a love affair with Omar and said he hadn’t been in a relationship with any other woman during their six-year marriage, according to the counterclaim filed in DC Superior Court.


Omar, a married mom of three, has denied the allegations.

Alas, everyone lies—and that is especially applicable to politicians. The Minnesota Democrat posted the news on Instagram (via Fox News):

Rep. Ilhan Omar shared some personal Wednesday night: She’s a new bride.

The Minnesota Democrat posted on Instagram a photo of herself and her former political consultant, Tim Mynett.

“Got married! From partners in politics to life partners, so blessed. Alhamdulillah,” she wrote in the caption, ending with the Arabic word that translates in English to, “Praise be to God.”

The Star Tribune has more on this union between the congresswoman and the lefty consultant her campaign doled out $500,000 to whilst also carrying out this tryst:

“Got married! From partners in politics to life partners, so blessed," Omar's Instagram post said. A spokesman for Omar said the two also married in the Islamic faith.

Allegations of a relationship between Omar and Mynett swirled last year and brought much scrutiny on the freshman congresswoman. Her relationship with Mynett is at the center of a Federal Election Commission complaint alleging that money Omar's campaign committee paid to Mynett and his firm for travel expenses were for personal use.

Omar's campaign paid Mynett's company, E Street Group, more than $500,000 last year for consulting, advertising, fundraising and travel.

Omar's marital history also came under political fire last year after it came to light that she and Hirsi filed taxes jointly while she was legally married to another man, Ahmed Nur Said Elmi. She married Elmi during what she described as an impasse in her relationship with Hirsi. The marriage with Elmi legally ended in 2017, several years after she reunited and had a third child with Hirsi.

Yeah, her marriage history is another story entirely, but this union is an ethics minefield that many have noted should be brought under the microscope. It’s a dirty union indeed:

Okay, calling it a dirty union is a bit much, but it's swampy for sure. It must be nice to be a Democrat. You can get away with almost anything.