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ICYMI: Dr. Drew Pretty Much Said The Media Was Too Stupid to Report on the Wuhan Virus

AP Photo/Aaron Favila

The Wuhan virus is spreading fear. The panic it has caused thanks to the liberal press, the enemy of the people, has caused more damage than the disease ever could. This isn’t some superbug. Those who are dying are a group that’s already susceptible to encountering serious issues if infected: the elderly and the immunocompromised. While there are around 100,000 cases of those infected with the WuFlu worldwide, over 50,000 have recovered, according to Johns Hopkins University (via Newsweek):


As cases of the new coronavirus continue to climb, so have instances of recovery, and a tracker maintained by Johns Hopkins University reported that more than 50,000 people have recovered.

More than 94,000 people have become infected with the coronavirus, which causes the disease COVID-19, since it was first identified in December. With the increased spread, case counts and deaths, public concern has driven people to hoard supplies. But health officials maintain that the threat of contracting the virus and the chances of coming down with the disease remain low for the average person.

As of Wednesday morning, the Johns Hopkins tracker showed 94,225 cases of the virus in 73 countries. Of those cases, 51,026 people recovered from the virus, including 49,856 in mainland China.

So, can we stop the panic here? The average age of the Wuhan virus fatality is 80 years old. And yet, we have talked about the NBA mulling playing games without fans, telling players to limit fan interactions and throwing up high-fives. The governor of Washington telling its residents to avoid large crowds. The South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas was just canceled. And now in the world of college basketball, the Ivy League has canceled its postseason. This is ludicrous and the liberal media is successfully causing the markets to crash and mayhem to reign in an effort to make President Trump look bad. That’s their only goal. The liberal media doesn’t care about the livelihoods of Americans or the companies they could potentially ruin. They want Trump gone. They couldn’t thus far. Now, they’re weaponizing a virus to take him out. It’s despicable. People in India are bathing in cow feces to prevent infection. It’s insanity. 


If the media cannot report on rape and sexual assault accurately, which we’ve known since they got a face full of buckshot with the Duke Lacrosse incident that never happened, then why would we trust these clowns on medical news? Dr. Drew Pinsky went on an epic rant in February on Daily Blast where he bluntly told the press to “shut up” about the Wuhan virus, pretty much saying they were too stupid to report on these stories. He’s been on a tear ever since, noting that the panic from the media hysteria is more deadly to society than the virus. In that February 3 segment, Dr. Drew noted that three people had died from homelessness in Los Angeles that morning, but no one freaked out because it wasn’t WuFlu related 

We are more likely to die from the seasonal flu. That is a fact. Even with the Wuhan deaths added to the average death toll from the flu, it’s a moderate season this year. There have been 34-49 million cases in the U.S. alone this year. That should be enough to kill the global panic right now. Sixteen-to-twenty-three million have gone to the doctor for flu visits, another 350-620,000 have been hospitalized, and 20-52,000 people have died. How many have been killed by WuFlu in the U.S. and around the world? Yeah, it’s not even close. Everyone freaked out about when this thing killed more people than the 2003 SARS outbreak and even then, the seasonal flu killed more people. Wash your hands, take all the run-of-the-mill precautions from health officials that help you from catching illnesses, and you should be fine. This isn’t 28 Days Later. This isn’t Outbreak. Calm the F down. 


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