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AP Photo/Rick Bowmer

Look away, liberals. Well, they’re probably going to anyway because we have another segment where the Trump-Russia collusion narrative is once again exposed as a total myth. The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway was on a panel on Fox News’ Bret Baier’s show Wednesday evening and the topic of former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s disastrous 2020 run was discussed. There are two liberal talking points that are being peddled.


One is that money in politics is evil and the wealthy and well-connected are trying to buy this election. The other is that the Kremlin tilted the election for Trump in 2016. The latter hasn’t gone away, as the tin foil hat brigade has taken over. The former has always been something liberals think is happening but isn’t. Case in point, Bloomberg dumped hundreds of millions into this venture and he went nowhere

Hemingway aptly noted that Bloomberg’s dumpster fire of a presidential run once again eviscerated the Trump-Russia collusion as a pure myth. Like we saw many a time with bombshell after so-called bombshell with this story, the lack of evidence caused all of them to self-implode. Now, we have this Bloomberg guy dumping almost a billion dollars into all sorts of media for his 2020 run and ended up dropping out. But Russia’s shoddy meme campaign that was blasted on Facebook that cost no more than $200-300k was able to sway enough voters that allowed Donald Trump to win the 2016 election? Please! It’s nonsense. And Baier added to Hemingway’s point, noting the inconsistency there.  Bloomberg spent $600 million on a TV and social media bonanza and couldn’t get more than 50 delegates. Hemingway added that Bloomberg going down in flames also hurts Bernie’s main populist line about the influence of the billionaire class.


So, Bloomberg did leave a mark on the 2020 race. He gave us more ammunition to use against the Trump-Russia collusion delusion that has engulfed the Democratic Party. 

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