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Joe Biden Wins Virginia, Bernie Sanders Dominates Vermont...Again

AP Photo/Matt Rourke

Well, the first two states have been called and it’s no shocker. Bernie Sanders has taken his home state of Vermont. Former Vice President Joe Biden has dominated the Old Dominion. The latter is notable because a large swath of Virginia Democratic primary voters, nearly half, had decided whom to vote for in the last few days and Biden nabbed 52 percent of them. 


In 2016, Bernie Sanders did not do well in Virginia, and with Biden now being able to flex his muscles in states south of the Mason-Dixon line, he scores another big win and his first for a Super Tuesday contest. Virginia has 99 delegates at stake. Bernie will walk away with some, but for the Mike Bloomberg camp—well, it’s quite possible he comes out with nothing after sinking millions into the state. 

But there's another question that remains: Where's Hunter?



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