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AP Photo/Arnulfo Franco

Okay, I’m not religious. It’s not my thing. I respect people who do have faith in God, however. Heck, religious organizations have done more to help, clothe, and feed the poor than the government. Whatever the case, if I were a religious person, I know Jesus Christ, the savior to billions of people on the planet, is a man. This isn’t a controversial stance. It’s something that shouldn’t be debated because we all have way too things that are more important occupying our lives, but leave it to the legions of the “woke” and the liberal media to rehash this debate topic: did Jesus of Nazareth have a penis? 


No, no I’m not kidding. The Shroud of Turin is the lynchpin to all of this which is blessedly behind The Daily Beast’s paywall, but the publication decided to rehash it because why the hell not. 

Some folks had the right reactions to this, like doodles of stick figures jumping off cliffs. This isn’t a real discussion, though it does serve as a vehicle for the Left to further denigrate and mock religion and its followers. It’s just unnecessary. Just stop. Not everything needs to be retroactively debated within the hyper left-wing paradigm of political correctness. No kidding, right? Yes, but this is the Left. If we have to go back to the invention of the wheel to right some wrong that is problematic, whatever the hell that may be in this time period, the Left will do it. It doesn’t matter. It’s all about making sure that the arc of history is on the right path…in their minds. Is this what’s being discussed at those super snobby cocktail parties of the urban-based professional left? Of course, it’s not the topic, but what the hell is this trash?  


Twitchy had some reactions to this 2017 article being resurrected like Lazarus, or Jesus himself, but I think you can discern for yourselves how most would react, even those who aren’t political.  

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