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AP Photo/Evan Vucci

This was bound to be a flash in the pan story. There’s nothing to it. And the fact that Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), one of the biggest anti-Trump Democrats on the Hill who has a reputation of leaking everything under the sun, was involved didn’t help matters either. You all know the story: somebody leaked details of a classified intelligence briefing to The New York Times that the—wait for it—Russians were trying to help Trump get re-elected. Schiff was in the room for this briefing. It was then leaked to a major news publication. It’s a mystery wrapped in a riddle as to who spilled the beans:


And now, the Russians are helping Sen. Bernie Sanders as well. They’re helping him, according to a story in The Washington Post. Sanders was briefed on this matter…a month ago. If everyone is a Russian agent, then no one is a Russian agent. This game has gone long enough. It was a clown show from the beginning. There is zero evidence of Trump-Russia collusion, which was finally given the kill shot with the report filed by ex-Special Counsel Robert Mueller. This report and the one filed by the Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz, who investigated the FISA abuses under Obama, also torched the infamous and unverified Trump dossier, which was the basis for this whole myth. This piece of political opposition research that was funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign was also cited as credible evidence in securing a FISA spy warrant against Carter Page, who was a former foreign policy adviser to the Trump campaign. It was all a hoax, with shoddy information from some trash document used to execute a partisan witch-hunt that evolved into an absurd impeachment push. Luckily, the Democrats failed. They have yet to learn that you cannot polish a turd. If the argument and its so-called evidence is garbage, that’s exactly how it will be seen, no matter how many disgruntled anti-Trump bureaucrats you drag onto the Hill for testimony.


Oh, and even CNN’s Jake Tapper took these new allegations to the woodshed. As Streiffnoted on RedState, we don’t know what the evidence is, what agencies are involved, or the confidence of this assessment. Tapper took to Twitter to go on a lengthy thread about how intelligence officials he knows pushed back on what was being peddled by his colleagues in the media. In all, the intelligence gathered bears no fruit in confirming the ‘Russia is helping Trump’ allegation that was supposedly tossed out there by Shelby Pierson, the man in charge with our election security:


And even CBS News’ Catherine Herridge said there is no evidence to back up the claim. Her source told her when pressed for examples, like phone intercepts, the briefers didn’t have any. So, there’s no evidence. This sounds very, very familiar, huh? 

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