In New Hampshire, Trump Supporters are Letting Democrats Know They’re Ready for Them

Posted: Feb 09, 2020 6:10 PM

Nashua, NH—It was slightly warmer as supporters of former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg line around the Elm Street Middle School in Nashua, New Hampshire—and by warmer, I mean it was a chilly 33 degrees. The line wrapped around the school for the get out the vote rally, which some could say is indicative of the energy this Indiana-based mayor brings to the table. Yet, our own Cortney O’Brien who spoke to Buttigieg supporters in line—I was struggling to find parking at the time—said that some of the voters she spoke to were not all that excited about Mayor Pete. She also said they were cagey and sort of rude unlike the Bernie supporters, who, despite their left-wing dispositions, are very friendly. 

As Democrats race to the finish line in the 2020 cycle’s first big primary contest, Trump supporters are making sure to let the Left know they’re here and spooling for that general election fight. At Elm Street Middle School, a retired veteran, a restaurant owner, a member of law enforcement, and some Women for Trump encamped around the Buttigieg line holding those Make America Great Again flags with pride. The Great American Comeback is due to Trump’s policies, not the Democrats. Their snowplows were decked out in MAGA merchandise. They’re ready. They’re energized. And yes, while a couple of drivers passed by yelled at these folks; one guy popped up from his sunroof to yell “Trump is a racist motherf**ker,” at least 100 cars passed by giving their nod to Trump 2020. 

It’s not hard to see the appeal to Trump. As he’s demonstrated many times, especially in the last State of the Union, which arguably was one of the best speeches of his presidency, you can see Donald Trump is a cheerleader for America. 

Joe from Nashua, a retired veteran, hit that point on the head, noting that Democrats in the past used to be like this. 

“JFK stood up for the country. Things were different with the Democrats,” Joe said. Kennedy “stood against the Russians,” but added that things have changed. 

“All the Democratic presidents that have been in there after him, Kennedy, and Republican ones, they kicked the s**t down the road. They shut our jobs down, they shipped them overseas, they want bigger government. They don’t want small businesses to exist that’s what it’s all about,” he added.

We all know the liberal media is going to say: opposition to Mayor Pete is based on homophobia. It’s so predictable and untrue. Apparently, scores of gay voters are not thrilled with Pete and side with Elizabeth Warren instead.   Joe continued—he was on a roll—saying: 

“For me, I don’t care if you’re gay. I don’t care if you're black…That doesn’t matter to me. Things that matter to me are your policies. I want our country to be safe I want our children to be safe. I want our country to be safe. We help all these countries that have disasters and stuff. All those years they’ve been using our country as a bank they never give anything back and he’s [Trump] changed that. You got to pay your fair share, which none of them were doing. 

Another Trump supporter waving a huge MAGA flag was Steve, who was unafraid and two reasons: one he’s KAG 2020 hardcore and second, he’s in law enforcement. 

“Of course, I’m going to vote for Trump. We all do. All cops vote Trump, 99 percent because we want law and order. You break the law, you go to jail,” he said. Yet, while that’s a big issue, the bigger one for him as to why he supports this White House is the issue of abortion.

“Trump is pro-life. That’s number one. That’s up to God right there,” as he pointed to the sky. 

“HE wants you to vote pro-life.”

Steve further elaborated on why he just cannot even think about voting for a Democrat, as he proudly wore a jacket where Trump was printed on the back as Superman. 

“They’re awful,” he added speaking about the Democrats. “They’re anti-America. The Democrats are anti-America. They don’t love America. They couldn’t care less when people come home with one arm, one leg. They couldn’t care less when gang members come into our country—MS-13—killing our kids, no big deal. They think that’s good. That’s why Trump is building that wall for law enforcement and throwing these people the hell out of our country.”

Steve touched on the number one issue that got Donald Trump the nomination and the presidency: immigration—and that remains a salient issue. In non-border states, like Ohio, immigration is consistently ranked in the top three issues for voters, and the Left’s affinity for protecting criminal aliens, expanding sanctuary policies and mulling giving illegals health care only pushes these states further away from Democrats. 

There was also an Obama-Trump voter, Mike Velanger, also from Nashua who discussed his political evolution, noting “when Bush was president I used to watch MSNBC and CNN a lot and they bashed him nonstop—not as bad as Trump but it got to the point where I couldn’t stand Bush.” But he added that when he decided to watch Fox News and got a different perspective, his views changed. And even though he voted for Obama once, he quickly fled from that camp once he found out he wasn’t fulfilling his promises. 

For Jessica Morgan, a female supporter of Trump and restaurant owner in Nashua, “America First” was what drew her to Trump. 

“We can help other countries, she said, “but we need to help ‘us’ first.” Asked if her support for Trump has caused any heartburn with her friends and family, Jessica gave a firm “no,” which is well considering the many horror stories of families being torn apart of an election, which only speaks to how soft American liberalism is at heart. If you’re no persuaded by their authoritarian ethos of larger government, higher taxes, fewer jobs, and anemic economic growth—you must be destroyed. You’re either a sexist, racist, misogynist or some toxic cocktail of all three. It’s pathetic. But these Trump supporters and there are scores of them here are letting Democrats in the state know that they’re waiting for them in the tall grass and spoiling for a fight. 

And I know Democrats are confident for some odd reason, but it should be noted that Joe ran into some students waiting to enter Buttigieg’s event who were voting for Trump, but just wanted to see what Mayor Pete had to say. 

"I asked them are you old enough to vote," he said. "They said 'Yeah, we're voting for Trump."


I'm sure you've all seen why Trump and Superman are now a thing:

Pure gold.