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Speaker Nancy Pelosi had had enough last night. President Trump delivered an excellent State of the Union. He touted the blue-collar comeback, the great American comeback. Unemployment is at historic lows across the board, seven million new jobs have been created, and small business and consumer confidence have reached their highest levels in years. Apparently, these facts are just too much for Nancy Pelosi to handle. That, and they hate America; Democrats remained seated for the vast majority of the speech. They hate this man. And that hatred was manifested with Pelosi ripping up the speech as soon as the president concluded his remarks. And people are disappointed in him for not shaking her hand as he took the podium. Yeah, Pelosi can go shove it. The entire speech was filled with things that EVERYONE could support—and the Democrats just sat there. The 2016 election is still raw in their minds. Some commentators suggested that Pelosi’s clenched lips were due to the fact that she knows this is excellent re-election campaign fodder. She didn’t want impeachment, but here we are; Trump is about to be acquitted of these shoddy charges later today by the way. It was the realization of defeat, right? Zero class Nancy lost. Her party lost. And they wasted their majority on this impeachment push that has only bolstered Trump’s approval numbers and push the swing states further away from Democrats. 


So, it was fitting that the New York Post ripped the speaker for being a “tore loser.” Oh, and columnist Michael Goodwin took her to the woodshed for her antics last night and for pretty much executing a failed strategy om the Hill concerning fighting this White House. You simply cannot beat Trump:

Coming immediately after he finished, and while he was still on the podium, you had to know the television cameras would catch you. No doubt that was your goal — to display your disgust to the nation and the world. Viva la resistance!

Message received, and here’s back at you: You disgraced your office and all of Congress.

If you had an ounce of decency and respect for something other than your own power, you would apologize. Better yet, take a hike and give your job to somebody who wants to help make America better, not tear it up.

House Republicans must immediately demand a censure vote, making clear their strong disapproval of Pelosi’s temper tantrum. Let Democrats show where they stand on such reprehensible conduct.

In one sense, Pelosi’s distress is understandable. Trump’s address was long because he had a long list of big accomplishments to cite, and every Republican standing ovation had to drive her closer to the edge. She often seemed to be talking to herself, and finally snapped.


He touched all the bases, foreign and domestic, and used an extensive list of guests in the gallery to great effect. From widowed military wives to Rush Limbaugh and several people who benefited from administration policies, the president aimed to show through examples what he described as the “Great American Comeback.”

The economy is, naturally, at the heart of it, and his recitation of record low unemployment, rising wages, soaring consumer confidence and stock markets are so familiar that it is easy to forget how important they are to the health and welfare of millions of families.

Pelosi certainly has forgotten. She and many fellow female Dems wore white to protest — who knows what? — and most could not bring themselves to cheer the good news for their fellow Americans. Even when the president announced the historically low unemployment rate for black and Latino Americans, people Dems profess to care about, they would not rise.


Meanwhile, her party’s caucus in Iowa was a total disaster. The so-called frontrunners are milquetoast and there remains not a single person who can beat Trump in November. Not one. Biden? He took a gut punch in Iowa. He’s probably going to lose in New Hampshire and Nevada is also prime territory for Bernie Sanders. And Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren’s stance on fracking, of all issues, make the Rust Belt difficult terrain for a Democrat of this caliber to win, especially in the all-important state of Pennsylvania, which will lose hundreds of thousands of jobs if natural gas is extinguished overnight.  

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